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21.03.2019 07:38

PPGI is prepainted galvanised steel

PPGI is prepainted galvanised steel, also known as precoated steel, coil coated steel, color coated steel etc. China prepainted galvanized steel coil factory is all over the world. A galvanised steel sheet in coil form is cleaned, pretreated, applied with various layers of organic coatings which can be paints, vinyl dispersions, or laminates.These coatings are applied in a continuous process known as Coil Coating.

The steel thus produced in this process is a prepainted, prefinished ready to use material. PPGI is the material which uses galvanised steel as the basic substrate metal. There could be other substrates such as aluminum, Galvalume, stainless steel, etc.

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20.03.2019 11:09

Corrugated Steel Sheet Features

Corrugated steel sheet has light weight, high strength, rich in colors, quick and easy construction, anti-earthquake, anti-fire and anti-rain, long life, maintenance free and other characteristics. China prepainted galvanized steel coil factory produces high quality products with many features. Many of types for corrugated sheet shape beautiful novel, flexible combination, etc.It also has light weight, high strength and good performance of anti-water and earthquake.

Corrugated metal sheet is easy installation and construction, such as curved sheets, so shorten the period. Otherwise, there are also many of this corrugated sheets formed by PVC or PE. PVC corrugated sheet can adapt to the requirements of various architectural modeling.

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