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16.09.2020 07:23

Three Influencing Factors Of Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory Process

         The process of Hot Air Stenter Machine should be judged based on three factors, namely temperature, time and tension.

       1. Temperature

       When the fabric is heat-set by Hot Air Stenter Machine, the control of temperature will determine the quality of its qualitative quality. Because after heat setting, the degree of wrinkles on the original surface of the fabric are eliminated, the improvement of surface smoothness, the dimensional thermal stability of the fabric and other wearing properties are closely related to the height of the heat setting temperature.

       2. Time

       Before sizing, it must reach a certain temperature, which requires heating. Therefore, setting


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09.09.2020 05:29

There Are Many Types Of Hot Air Stenter Machine

        Hot Air Stenter Machine wrap roller belts are used on cloth guide rollers in various textile, weaving, printing and dyeing industries, and can be used to increase surface friction. Their biggest feature is non-slip, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-base and high-temperature resistance. The surface texture of each model is good and the texture is clear and beautiful. Rough rubber is used as the raw material, and all indicators must meet the requirements of non-slip and wear-resistant.

    There are also many types of Hot Air Stenter Machine wrap roller belts, including orange leather type, table tennis type, granular type, flannel type green flannel black flannel, soft leather type and so on. If you need to use strong abrasion resistance, you can choose the rough orange peel type for the best abrasion strength. They all use specially treated fabrics as framework materials, and


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19.08.2020 05:40

Network Blocking Solution For Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory

Why does Hot Air Stenter Machine block the network during printing? We need to know the reason before we can solve the problem. Let us see what caused the Hot Air Stenter Machine to block the Internet cafe during printing.

First of all, let’s take a look at the main reasons. Here are some examples:

1. The high viscosity of the ink will affect the leakage.

2. The particles in the printing ink are larger.

3. The ink has poor fluidity when the temperature is low.

4. After the ink dries on the screen printing plate, it will condense.

How to solve network blocking? Let's take a look together:

In the printing process of the Hot Air Stenter Machine, the viscosity of the ink increases due to the


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