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31.08.2020 05:39

How To Choose Film For Flat Screen Printer

What are the requirements of a good Flat Screen Printer for screen printing negatives

    1) The base and polyester film of the negative film must be highly transparent. The film surface should be on the front side of the film. We often find that some users use the medicated film on the reverse side of the negative film, and the positive film used for offset printing, the quality will not be guaranteed when this film is used for printing. Because the screen printing screen requires that the image on the film surface of the negative film should be in close contact with the photosensitive layer of the film.

2) The density (density = blackness) must be greater than D3. Offset printing uses a positive film smaller than D3, so the density of the positive film needs to be measured with a densitometer.

The density of images and texts everywhere on the negative needs to be higher. Hand-engraved masks


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06.08.2020 06:43

How To Maintain Flat Screen Printer During Holidays

The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival will be on holiday soon, and many printing factories are going to shut down. Today, I will talk about the maintenance methods of the screen printing machine:

1. The entire machine of the Flat Screen Printer is controlled by a full touch screen, so the touch screen is easily damaged, so it is strictly prohibited to be hit or scratched by hard objects or sharp objects. The user should wipe and refuel the Flat Screen Printer at least once a week as required

2. Regularly check the water accumulation in the filter water cup of the Flat Screen Printer. Drain the water once every shift. Avoid bringing water into the cylinder. If you need to add lubricating oil regularly to each lubrication point, to ensure the normal operation of the Flat Screen Printer equipment


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27.07.2020 05:48

Do You Want To Buy A Second-hand Flat Screen Printer?

Some customers, especially entrepreneurial customers, want the lowest investment to obtain high returns. New machines are expensive, and they buy second-hand flatbed printers for reasons of low prices. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of buying second-hand Flat Screen Printer:

1. At present, flatbed printers are not as mature as digital mobile phones, and equipment from different manufacturers is also different. The second-hand equipment modified by some small manufacturers has various problems after buying it back, and it cannot be produced normally after purchase.

Second, the flatbed printer is a machine produced by the manufacturer, and it is naturally inseparable from the manufacturer's after-sales service. However, it is inevitable that any machine will have problems, and the key is how to solve the problem. If you buy a second-hand crafts flatbed printer, after-sales service may not be able to provide guarantee.


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