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19.03.2019 11:48

Coating thickness layer

The corrosion resistance increases with the increase of the coating thickness layer. This can be decided based on the corrosivity in service environment, service time, durability and so on. High quality prepainted color galvanized coil will decrease the corrosion. For example, the corrosion rate of the product accelerates in industrial zone or coastal region due to sulfur dioxide gas or salinity in the air. And accordingly, the service time will be impacted.

Different bottom paint have different adhesive force, flexibility and corrosion resistance. Suppliers select bottom paint based on production process, application, corrosivity in service environment, matching relation with finishing coat.

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18.03.2019 11:22

Pre-painted steel advantages

The pre-painted product can be purchased in coils or cut in slitters, sheets and blanks. The substrate can be galvanized, Galvalume or cold rolled. The product is available in various colors, always looking forward to cover the needs of our customers. High quality prepainted color galvanized coil has many advantages.

High quality prepainted color galvanized coil offers a number of advantages, including convenience and durability, according to the needs of each segment. Adding value to the product, the paint gives an excellent surface finish to the steel, ensuring formability, bringing longer life, quality, aesthetics and reliability.

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