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14.03.2019 12:21

Galvanized Steel is steel

Galvanized Steel is steel that has gone through a chemical process of coating it in layers of zinc oxide to keep it from corroding due to the fact that this protective metal coating doesn't rust as easily. The coating also gives the steel a more attractive durable finish which is hard to scratch. High quality galvalume steel coating steel coil is one of kinds. For countless outdoor, marine, or industrial applications, galvanized steel is an essential fabrication component. Hot-dipped galvanization is the most common method used. A variation, continuous sheet galvanizing, runs it through the molten zinc but tends to leave a thinner layer of the protective metal. Painting and spraying don't impart the strong bond of hot-dipping.  While electro galvanizing or electroplating uses electricity to create a bond it, too, results in a thin layer of zinc.

Galvannealed Steel specialized steel produced by hot-dip galvanization followed by an immediate in-line


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