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15.03.2019 14:37

Interpretation of LED strobe vision controller

An LED power supply is one of the power supplies and is a device that supplies power to an electronic device. A device that converts alternating current into direct current through a transformer and a rectifier. This device is called a rectified power source, also called a driving power source. Generally, wholesale infrared Germanium lenses sources are available in several power supply modes. Common 5V, 12V, 24V DC power supplies, and a few 15V or 28V special-purpose voltage sources, the power depends on the number of LEDs used. In addition to the shutter, aperture, and gain, the control of the brightness of the image can also control the brightness and darkness of the light source and the time of the light to control. First look at the advantages and disadvantages of the constant light source and the flash. If a stable power supply is maintained, the brightness of the light source is substantially constant. If the power supply uses a pulse, the time width of the pulse and the response


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13.03.2019 12:24

Optical lens

With the advent of the Industry 4.0 era, the role of machine vision in the field of intelligent manufacturing is becoming more and more important. Next, Conrad Smart will take you to understand how machine vision technology works, why it is process automation and quality improvement. The right choice. A wholesale infrared Germanium lenses is an optical contactless sensing device that automatically receives and interprets images of real scenes to obtain information to control the machine or process. Machine vision is the automatic extraction of information from digital images for process control or inspection of manufactured products. The information on the computer display is used to obtain the production inspection status of the product at a glance, achieving easy and efficient intelligent effects. As each bottle moves past the detection sensor, the detection sensor will trigger the vision system to emit a stroboscopic light and take a picture of the bottle. Once the image of the bottle


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