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Here’s How You Can Close Any Unresponsive Apps on Your Chromebook

Chromebooks are quite fast computers that enable you to perform various tasks with much ease. But, they are not meant for heavy computing tasks. You can use these computers for basic stuff. Many times, we face a situation where an app becomes unresponsive. In that case, you can either wait for the application to become responsive or can just close the app using the Task Manager tool. If you face this situation on a Windows computer, you can just quit the app simply by using a key combination that is Ctrl + Alt + Del. Or you can even use the Task Manager to close down the application. But what to do if you face the same situation on a Chromebook computer? How can you close the unresponsive apps on your Chromebook computer? A lot of Chromebook users have faced this situation many times. If you are also a Chromebook user and face this situation, then now, there is no need to panic.

There are some ways through which you can kill any unresponsive apps on your Chromebook. Want to know


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The Future of Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Смотреть 'The Future of Microsoft Office 365 Apps'

The Microsoft 365 apps are undergoing a redesign, and the company has recently provided a look into the future layout changes and what they’ll offer to the users.

The teaser released by Microsoft provided a look into its upcoming 365 apps along with some of the new features that’ll be available to the users. With remote work culture gaining popularity amidst the shadow of the pandemic, Microsoft is all set to welcome a future where a large number of people will rely on the Office applications following the trend of remote work culture.

In April, Microsoft released a Remote Work Trend Report. The report was gathered by examining the global usage of Microsoft Office apps during the initial stage of the worldwide lockdown. This report indicated that people continued to work from home even


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Ways to Fix Crashing of Apps on Android

Majority of apps that get installed from Google Play Store run well on every Android device. However, sometimes the apps can misbehave. They may continuously keep crashing on your Android device. Users think that this might be because of the bugs or the or the app might not be compatible with the device. But in reality, there are a vast number of reasons because of which an app may keep crashing on your Android device. So, to deal with those issues, you need to go through the troubleshooting tips that we have mentioned below:

Reasons due to which Apps Crash on Android

There are many reasons apps may keep crashing on your Android device. Still, the most common issue which the users face is incompatible android version for the app, installation of the outdated version of the app, need of a robust network connection, shortage of device storage while using the applications.


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Top Shopping Apps For Your Android Device

Online shopping has become the next big thing now, and customers rely on online shopping websites for most of their needs. It can be said that e-commerce has become a way of life, and to help you decide which website you can choose for what needs, we have listed out a number of online shopping apps below.

Amazon Shopping

Price: Free  / $119.99 per year

Amazon Shopping is undoubtedly the best shopping application. You have the opportunity of choosing between numerous products and brands and finally selecting the right one that suits you.


Price: Free


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5 Best Open Source Apps for Android to Make It More Powerful and Amazing

Open-source apps are the apps that allow their users to see, modify, and enhance their source code. Besides this, these apps also provide lots of unique and amazing features to its users, which can’t be found in other apps. But not all the open-source apps are created equal. Keeping this in mind, we are sharing with your five best open source apps that you can install on your Android mobile and make it even more powerful and impressive. So, let’s learn about these open-source apps in detail.

Firefox Browser (Price: Free)

Firefox Browser is a phenomenal open-source web browser that is used by millions of people worldwide for browsing the internet. It is a fast, reliable, and secure browser. Besides this, it comes with many impressive features like enhanced tracking protection, private browsing mode, picture mode, dark mode, etc. Additionally, you can also customize it as per your need/preference or install add-ons


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