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How to Watch YouTube Videos with Friends on Discord

Launched in 2015, Discord has become one of the most popular and commonly used social media sites. It is a VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform, where one can communicate with voice calls, video calls, and text messages.

It is a free app that anyone can access on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and web browsers. If you are a gaming person, then you might be well aware of this digital platform. It was created to provide gamers a place to build communities and talk.

Using this social media site is pretty easy for anyone on any of their devices. And undoubtedly, Discord has always provided its users with the best gaming and socializing experience. From time to time, the platform adds multiple new features to enhance the experience of its users.

For instance, according to some reports, the service has introduced a new feature that enables users


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25.03.2021 17:31

YouTube Tests a New Feature That Will Auto-Detect Products in Videos

The video giant YouTube is constantly experimenting with new things, and this time it is testing a new feature that will automatically detect products in a video. It will also display a list of detected products in the video along with related products to the users. The company is testing this feature with a small group of YouTube users in the US for the time being.

In a recent post, the company said they are currently testing a new feature that presents a list of products detected in some videos along with related products. It will show up in between the video recommendations to users scrolling below the video player. As per the statement, YouTube aims to help people discover more videos and information about those products on their platform. Currently, this feature will only be visible to viewers in the US.

According to reports, YouTube started testing out this feature with a small group of users last year


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24.02.2021 21:37

YouTube Rolls Out 4K Video Support for All Android Devices

It looks like the popular video-sharing platform YouTube has quietly released a new update allowing people to stream 4K/60p videos on all mobile devices, even on the ones that do not have an Ultra HD display.

Although people using devices with a lesser display resolution won’t get the same video quality as they would with a higher resolution screen, turning on the 4K video playback option will still benefit them.

As per a trusted source, this change was discussed late last week on the YouTube subreddit first, where people observed that the option to select 4K video playback was now available to them even though their devices didn’t have a 4K display.

Let’s assume a user has a Full HD+ phone if they boost the video resolution to its max, doing so should


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12.02.2021 19:23

Video Marketing: How to Determine the Ideal Length for Your Videos?

Are you familiar with the term “video marketing?”

Well, in case you are not yet aware of it, you should know it is incredible! And we are not just saying it reliable data back this statement. You can look up the statistics on the web yourself!

Customers are increasingly purchasing from brands whose video ads they have viewed earlier. In fact, video marketers also agree that videos help them make their target consumers better understand their brand’s products and services.

When it comes to video marketing, businesses typically get stuck with two primary questions:

  • What type of videos should we create?
  • How long should our videos ideally be?

That is precisely what we will discuss in this blog to help you successfully make the most out of


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18.01.2021 16:55, Австралия Смотреть на карте

YouTube Analytics Introduces a New First 24 Hours Metric

Google-owned popular video-streaming service, YouTube, has introduced a new metric that lets creators and channel owners gain insights into the video performance within the first 24 hours after uploading it.

Besides the audience view count, data showing a video's performance within the first 24 hours of posting was never available on the platform before this.

However, from now, creators can access this information by going to the YouTube creator studio's video analytics tab. You can fetch this data by choosing the “First 24 hours” option from the date picker available in the page's top-right corner.

Let's look at what data you will see upon choosing the first 24 hours view option in YouTube analytics.


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15.01.2021 19:21

YouTube Adds Voice Commands Support to Search Videos

Google’s popular video streaming platform, YouTube, has integrated a new functionality to its app that lets people operate the site through voice commands.

Users will now find a microphone icon right next to the search bar. When you click on it for the first time, a notification will pop up asking you to grant permission to the website or application to use your microphone. Once you click on “allow,” again, a popup box will appear on your screen saying “listening,” as you speak, the platform will try to identify what you are asking for to present you with relevant results. However, before jumping to the search results page, the platform will first display a written text of your query. In case it doesn’t match what you actually wanted to search, you can tap on the microphone again to repeat your voice command.

This newly-added support for voice commands is not just restricted to searching for relevant videos.


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12.01.2021 21:02, Австралия Смотреть на карте

YouTube Offers 3 Keyword Research Tips and Answers Questions About Its Algorithm

The popular video-sharing platform, YouTube, has shared three valuable tips for competitive keyword research for videos and simultaneously answered a series of questions regarding its search and discovery algorithm.

In what has turned into a regular series on the “Creator Insider” YouTube channel, a search and discovery team’s member deals with several questions from the audience in their first video uploaded this year.

Among those questions was one query focusing on keyword research for videos and the ways to determine which topics will resonate with the target users.

In this blog, we will look at those questions starting with the competitive keyword research tips.


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