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How to Fix wab.exe in Windows 10

Wab.exe error is caused in Windows 10 when there is a malware attack. It can be caused due to the Address book of the search engine, reserve details of contact, emails, or address used in the MS Outlook account. The issue leaves your device in a critical state, and you need to solve it as quickly as possible.

There are 10 ways given in the blogs that helps you to fix error wab.exe as given below: -

  1. Check Virus in Windows 10 to fix: wab.exe
  2. Reason of error wab.exe in Windows 10
  3. Error messages overlap
  4. Close Task of wab.exe.
  5. Execute full scan for virus
  6. ...>>>

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20.02.2020 11:21

Windows 10: How to Fix wifitask.exe?

Смотреть 'Windows 10: How to Fix wifitask.exe?'

With the introduction of Windows 10, the developers added a number of best features in order to increase the facilitation to clients. Sadly, some features end up causing a number of vulnerabilities such as wifitask.exe. Thus, these errors may seem harmful in the initial stage, but they are not actually.

As we know, wifitask.exe is an executable file connected with the windows operating system. In case you think that such an essential part of windows ten and sounds safe. Think again, there are lots of chances of it being a virus that you cannot avoid.

Wifitask.exe available installed on your operating system that works as a wireless background task.  Sometimes, it shows up in the task list and then disappears again by itself. However, if you are facing wifitask.exe error, then use the following guide to


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03.01.2019 10:30

How to Troubleshoot Error hkcmd.exe on Windows 10?

Error hkcmd.exe is an executable file which is intended to help you to control the keyboard shortcuts on Windows operating system. This .exe file is generally used by Hotkey Command interpreter on Intel 810 and 815 graphics drivers. However, there are two types of hkcmd.exe error. In case, if you have Intel 82810 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) or Intel 82815 Graphics Controller on a Microsoft Windows NT computer, it shows a message on your screen which says “Cannot find c:\\winnt\\system\\hkcmd.exe.”

The error mentioned above indicates that there is some problem with the Intel hardware drivers or a virus is damaging your computer system. But we highly recommend you to scan your computer with [ref id=”Reimage”] to fix Hkcmd.exe error and once check for all possible programs which affect your computer.


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03.01.2019 10:21

How to Fix Application Error Svchost.exe?

Sometimes, Windows started opening the internal services from.dll files in the place of .exe files. Though, it is not expected to open the .dll file in the comparable way as .exe files are opened. Thus, the developers formed Svchost.exe (Service Host).

The Svchost.exe is a widespread which is used by many other hosting containers. However, each of them can run the indefinite amount of the system services, and they all are connected into a set of groups. While the service is authentic and used by various programs, the multiple errors are encountered by the users. Many applications users are searching for the fixes of this Svchost.exe Application error. There are different variations of the Svchost.exe application error, few are discussed below:

“The instruction at “0x745f2780” referenced memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “”


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