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22.07.2019 20:31

How to Uninstall or Remove Internet Explorer Completely from PC

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Internet Explorer is one of the most popular browsers available. Microsoft uses it as a default web browser for Windows. In the newer version of Windows, Microsoft has added a new web browser “Microsoft Edge” as default one. Internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and more. If you also want to use Internet Explorer, then you can remove it from your computer. It will only free up some storage space.

SOURCE:  How to Uninstall or Remove Internet Explorer Completely from PC  ,  AOI Tech Solutions

Internet Explorer browser from your computer you can use the Settings app, the Control Panel, as well as the PowerShell to uninstall it. Before you can, you can’t remove


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27.12.2018 22:27

Get Internet Explorer on Your Mac

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Internet Explorer is a World Wide Website browser which runs on Microsoft Windows operating system.  Some of the older websites have some strict requirements regarding browser, and for this, the most common browser is Internet Explorer. However, this browser doesn’t run properly in Mac and not a default browser on the system anymore.

Website developers have stated that a few websites depend on Internet Explorer’s unique feature for it to work more appropriately.  If these websites were visited with any other browsers, there would be no guarantee they will work correctly there.

Internet Explorer is one of the most excellent website browser used on the Internet. But Safari, Google Chrome, Edge and Mozilla Firefox have later cut into that superior position, which provides faster browsing with excellent security.


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