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09.06.2021 11:45

Snap Intends Launching a Story Studio Video Editing App

Snap prepares to be the company people thought about when they go to edit videos on smartphones. So, amid its annual partnership summit today, Snap announced the latest iOS app Story Studio. This app will help the company to achieve that target. It will render people editing gears purposely designed for smartphones or vertical, videos. The app will collect data from Snapchat and its latest Spotlight feature. Spotlight is more popularly recognized as its TikTok competitor. It will help people to find out how and what to make.

The company can look through Snapchat statistics, for instance, what is trending right now on the app. Also, they can look through sounds, hashtags, and lenses. Lenses will be installed directly into Story Studio, along with Snapchat Sounds and stickers. So, the editors can directly add those stickers or sounds in the videos. Obviously, like most other video editing apps, people can trim and edit


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Snapchat Brings Partner-Driven Layers to Its Social Map Utilized by 250 Million

Snapchat asserts that more than 250 million Snapchatters as of now utilize the Map every month on the application consistently. There are additionally more than 30 million organizations who are on the Map, the organization said. Snap users will likewise begin seeing Map Layers from select organizations that will overlay data on the Map. Snap has collaborated with the eatery suggestion stage The Infatuation to include eateries and ticket conveyance organization Ticketmaster Entertainment to exhibit shows as layers.

Snapchat needs users to get a more close to home perspective on their general surroundings. While items like Google Maps and Apple Maps have since a long time ago depended on information accomplices to juice the nature of their context-oriented experiences, Snap is trusting it can give users an additional active way to deal with blending and coordinating with outside connections to its Snap Map item,


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18.01.2021 17:48, Австралия Смотреть на карте

LinkedIn Introduces Swipe Up Links Feature to Stories

Last year in September, LinkedIn was spotted testing out the “swipe up” links features, and after all these months, the company has finally rolled it out. Users can now add links to their LinkedIn Stories. But as of now, this feature may not be available to all users worldwide.

With the release of this feature, when a user adds a link to his/her story, it will show a “see more” swipe-up option to the story viewers. Users can add a URL to their story by tapping the newly added “link” icon available in the various LinkedIn Stories options at the top right side of their composer screen.

Other people can access this URL by simply swiping up on the screen, just like they do on other platforms with a similar feature, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Users will also have the option for previewing and editing their links before uploading the story. You


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Best Practices for Brands to Write More Like Able Social Media Copy

Social media has become the “hangout spot” for most people today, and smart brands are actively utilizing these platforms to engage with their target audience.

If your brand, too, is looking forward to connecting with its audience on social media, it means you will most probably deploy social media advertising like running Facebook ads and building your brand presence on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, and so on.

Honestly speaking, there are so many social media sites, with each of them having different length and tone requirements, so it is quite easy for a brand to get confused about which platform they should start from when it comes to social media copywriting. But fortunately, we have some best practices that brands can follow and get started with social media copywriting.


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