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Airpods Pro vs. Echo Buds 2: Full Comparison

Apple Airpods Pro are excellent wireless earbuds, but they are not cheaper. It opens the gate for Amazon Echo Buds 2. These are also great earbuds. We are going to find out whether you should spend more or less.

Echo Buds comes with a charging case, Ear tips, Wingtips, USB-C cable, and Earbuds. Airpods Pro comes with silicone ear tips, a charging Case, a lightning charging cable, and earbuds.


Both AirPods Pro and Amazon Echo Buds 2 have a rounded in-ear bud design, but AirPods Pro has a different form factor. Echo buds 2 come in different sizes, so they are comfortable to wear. Airpods Pro has a different design they have stuck down from your ear. You can change tracks and other stuff with this.

Both earbuds come with the Ear Fit Test, and you can access them within the application. Echo buds have


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Facebook's Giphy introduces 'Hire Me' option for freelance Artists

Facebook's Giphy recently pushed out the 'Hire Me' option for freelance artists associated with animation and graphic designing. This in-app feature will enable the users to add the hire me option in their profile to let the recruiters know that they are available for hire. Various companies and brands will now be able to hire freelance artists and offer them work. This feature is indeed a great initiate by the Giphy app. It will provide unlimited opportunities to those freelancers who otherwise found it harder to adjust to office work. This initiative will also create new employment opportunities for those whose professional life was derailed by the raging pandemic.

Giphy- A brief overview

Giphy is an online database of short looping videos, GIFs, memes, and images. Users can post their content on this platform, and they can share the pictures and videos created by other artists. Its mobile


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Discord Push to Talk not Working in Game: Here are the Fixes

Discord is the go-to communication platform for all gamers nowadays. Creating public and private servers is very simple with Discord, and you can quickly connect with friends and teammates in a matter of a few clicks. Not only does it enable players to communicate with friends throughout the world while playing games online, but Discord also makes hopping around video chat, text, and voice easier. Recently, numerous users are reporting that they cannot use the Push to Talk feature on Discord. If you are suffering the same issue, then follow this article.

Run as Administrator

To run as administrator, pursue these on-screen instructions provided below:

  1. Remember that you have correctly shut the Discord.
  2. Then check the System tray to verify the application is not performing.
  3. ...>>>

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How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code E32 With Ease?

Over the years, printers have included several innovative attributes and quality for printing function. And these innovative features are the main reason why working with reliable printers has become easier and quicker. Users have received newly incorporated technologies and updated designs, which have genuinely modified the experience of printing jobs.

However, several facts are expected, for instance, minor issues emerging in the printer, including error codes.

The fact of printers being expensive and reliable is irrelevant to the error code occurrence. It is a fact that should be well remembered by you, as these error codes symbolize different issues generated inside your printer. Sometimes the reason for these error codes' occurrence is improper settings of internal parts. Although, error codes do not carry any legitimate cause behind them. They can bother


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How to Remove Avast Driver Updater?

Avast is a popular security software company worldwide, and millions of users trust its products. Avast also provides a driver updater utility that automatically recognizes your computer specifications and updates all required drivers. Some people say they can’t remove or uninstall the Avast Driver Updater application from their computer.

Many users have reported that the Avast Driver Updater utility is permanently stuck on their computers and does not remove. They have tried the control panel and main Windows settings to remove it, but the uninstallation process fails repeatedly.

If you cannot remove it from your computer, then worry not, as we have got you covered on this page.

When the regular uninstallation procedure doesn’t remove a particular application, you should try some


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Convert a Laptop into a Full-Fledged Desktop

 Do you wish to use a desktop instead of your laptop to enhance your productivity and comfort? If yes, you don’t necessarily need to buy a desktop computer, as you can turn your laptop into a complete desktop. If you have a powerful laptop, you can change it to a desktop whenever you need to use it as a desktop.

How is a desktop different compared to a laptop? The significant difference is that the desktop provides you a perfect monitor, dedicated keyboard and mouse, and more connectivity options. A laptop is a cardboard-sized computer with a foldable display. You don’t have a dedicated mouse and keyboard on a laptop, and you have fewer connectivity options.

Technically you can get a desktop’s major benefits with your laptop as well. All you need is some accessories and an excellent setup to convert your laptop into an ideal desktop. This article will help


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Download Facebook videos and Watch whenever you want

Facebook allows you to share posts in the form of both images and videos. Sometimes, you find some helpful videos on Facebook and want to save them for watching offline. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t let you take those videos for offline watching.

And that is why you look for methods to download Facebook videos. Fortunately, there are different ways to save Facebook videos on a wide range of devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS. After saving the videos, you will be able to watch them without any internet connection. 

No doubt, you can save Facebook videos for offline viewing, but you need to go through a bit of hassle because there isn’t any download button available for you to store the videos with a single click. We have included some methods that have worked for us, and hopefully, they will work for you too. Through these methods, you will be able to download videos on iPhone, Android, and desktop. Let’s move


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31.08.2021 15:27

How to Rename Bluetooth Devices on Mac

Bluetooth devices are very easy to use with your digital devices as they don’t have physical connectivity. The best thing about Bluetooth-operated devices is that they don’t have corded connections like other wired devices. It doesn’t matter which Bluetooth device you are using with your Mac, as the pairing and other procedures remain the same for all devices.

Mac computers allow users to connect Bluetooth-enabled headphones and other devices such as a mouse, keyboard, microphone, and all that.

When you have connected multiple Bluetooth devices to your Mac simultaneously, you can easily get confused with your devices’ name as some devices have similar names.

In this article, we will explain how to rename your Bluetooth devices to recognize them effortlessly.


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Canon Printer Error Code U163

Canon printer is popularly known for establishing its quality products across the world. Besides its renowned goodwill on a global level, users have received a high-tech printing experience. Struggling with error codes is a possibility, which comes with machines even if it is built with high-end features. It is something that you have to deal with when working for excessive hours or years on a printer. These error codes hold the highest rate of issues involving internal or external errors.

However, in either of the cases, you need to work with an effective solution that can resolve the error code within minutes. And mostly, you will be able to deal with error codes emerging in your printer all by yourself. But of course, users will need proper guidance to resolve the issue. So, here we are at the rescue, and all you need to do is read the instructions below. Also, you must check the causes behind the error code properly, which is beneficial to identify the culprit.


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Here’s How One Can Record the Screen on Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a media streaming device that comes with a lot of benefits. One can easily access this streaming device to stream their favorite TV shows, movies, and other videos. This device is available at a great price that anyone can easily afford. The Fire TV Stick looks like an oversized USB flash drive that you can plug into your smart TV's HDMI port. One can use this media streaming device for storing their files. And you can even cast your smartphone's screen on this device. There are a lot of things that you can do with an Amazon Fire TV Stick device. And recording the screen is one of the major benefits of having this device. Nowadays, almost all smart devices contain the screen recording feature within them. Screen recording is a great feature, and it can be helpful in some situations.

For instance, one can use the screen recording functionality to record a video of an ongoing game on


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Firefox Not Responding on Windows and Mac Computer? Here’s the Fix

The Firefox web browser is one of the most popular and commonly used browsers used on all Windows and Mac computers. Like all the other web browsers, Firefox also comes with a lot of great features that aim to provide the best experience to all of its users. Because of the functionalities, it is the most recommended web browser. But, sometimes, there might be some issues while accessing Firefox on any of your computer systems. For instance, some users have reported that sometimes the browser stops working on their computer system, making them unable to do any browsing. According to the users, when the browsers hang, it does not respond to the clicks and keystrokes. This is the most annoying issue that anyone can face at any time. But, here, we need to know the way to fix this issue. To have a solid browsing experience, resolving this issue becomes necessary.

Do you also use a Windows or a Mac computer and are facing the same issue while accessing the browser?


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Samsung Galaxy A52s Specifications Revealed Ahead of Launch

The Galaxy A52s, Samsung's forthcoming A-series smartphone, has been seen in several leaks. In a fresh development, tipster Roland Quandt has revealed crucial facts about the phone, confirming previously disclosed information. According to the source, it will be available in two configurations and share specs with the Galaxy A52 model, but with a Snapdragon 778G CPU instead of the Snapdragon 750G chipset. Additionally, the CPU is featured in newly released phones such as the Motorola Edge 20 and the Honor 50 Pro. It claims a 40% performance increase over last year's Snapdragon 768G, which powered many upper-mid-range smartphones. According to the leak from WinFuture, the anticipated Galaxy A52S will be 35% quicker than its brother.

A 120Hz Super AMOLED display

Samsung Galaxy A52s will have a punch-hole design. A prominent bottom bezel and an in-display fingerprint


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