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31.10.2019 01:31, г. Bicester, Великобритания Смотреть на карте

How to Disable the Touchscreen Feature in your Windows Laptop?

The touchscreen is one of the best features available in a device. Along with making your work simple, it also lets you use your device anywhere. With the touchscreen feature, you can even use your device in situations where you aren’t able to open or use the keyboard comfortably. You can navigate and access all the menus and folders in your device with just your fingertips.

Along with a touchscreen device, your operating system should also have the touchscreen compatibility, in order to manage the touchscreen settings. Microsoft Windows is designed to work well with touchscreen tablets, laptops, and 2-in-1 devices. Either your device has touchscreen compatibility or not, in Microsoft Windows, the touchscreen feature is enabled by default.

However, no one will want to disable the touchscreen feature on their device if it is working well. But, unfortunately, there will be many situations when you need to disable it.


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25.12.2018 20:50

How to Disable the Touch Screen in Windows 10?

Смотреть 'How to Disable the Touch Screen in Windows 10?'

In the case of a digital camera, it’s easy to use. That's why Windows 10 is meant to work well on touchscreens devices. But sometimes you want to disable this function.touch screen on laptopas well as fun. That's why Windows 10 is meant to work well on touchscreens devices. But sometimes you want to disable this function.

Reasons to disable your touchscreen mode:

  1. There will be some marks on the screen. lefton it, which users don't like
  2. The battery time is shorter than the battery life time. What is your battery in the midway?
  3. And stop everything from the screen.childrenfrom Reaching out for the screen.

Steps to disable your Touchscreen in Windows 10:


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