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22.02.2021 19:17

6 Visual Hierarchy Principles Every Designer Should Know

We are all living in a fast-changing world. As the technology to show a page continues to evolve, it is the responsibility of designers to organize the content clearly on a page.

But the question is – what is the best way to do that? The short answer is visual hierarchy.

Visual hierarchy can be defined as the arrangement of design elements in order of their importance. A graphic element’s visual weight determines its significance in the visual hierarchy, conveying to the user’s eyes what to focus on and in what order. It helps direct the readers’ eyes to the crucial content writing first and then to the secondary ones.

With the attention spans getting shorter and shorter, you must immediately guide the viewers’ eyes to the crucial information.

From brochures to websites to apps, these six visual hierarchy principles will help you design everything


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19.02.2021 20:20

Illustration vs. Graphic Design vs. Graphic Illustration: Understanding the Diff

Art and design are becoming increasingly accessible therefore, mixing up different mediums with one another is bound to happen. For example, think of an illustration, graphic design, and graphic illustration. One can easily confuse these entwined, closely linked art forms.

So, the question is, what exactly is the difference between these?

The illustration is associated with fine art, and on the other hand, graphic design is viewed more as commercial art. Since commercial projects increasingly and frequently need dynamic and clear visuals, the differences are becoming less apparent gradually.

In this blog, we will take a deep dive into graphic design, illustration, and graphic illustration, how they differ from each other, and a few exciting ways you could use graphic illustrations for your upcoming projects.


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17.02.2021 19:16

Understanding Consumer Psychology: The Key to Making a Web Design That Wins

Have you come across dubious pop-up ads and notifications while browsing websites? How many times has that happened? Plenty, we guess.

Back when businesses had just started out with online marketing, frauds and flashy emails became quite common. Internet users would be continuously flooded with exasperating and aggressive ads that didn’t make any sense at all.

And do you know what the worst part about all this was? These apparently senseless and infuriating ads actually worked! Users would click on these dubious pop-ups expecting to win a free iPhone, millions of dollars, and so on.

But today, things have changed entirely. People have become smarter than ever. Even though users are still flooded with such in-your-face ads, they are no longer naive enough to even think for a moment


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11.02.2021 20:06

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Google and Bing Advertising Right Away

When it comes to online advertising, there is an array of options available in the market today. However, Google and Bing Advertising have turned out to be the best advertising platforms among all these. But it is crucial to understand why you should pick one alternative as against the other. This blog will discuss how Google and Bing Advertising fits into your overall strategy to boost your online presence. Let’s dive into the five reasons why you should start using Google and Bing advertising right away!


Both Google and Bing enjoy billions of searches every month and, in the case of Google, every day. This is a known fact that a vast majority of users use Google to search for products or services. In fact, there might be hundreds and thousands of searchers looking for a product or service similar to yours right now. So, if you manage to get your brand on the first search engine


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10.02.2021 18:26

Google: Deleting Blog Comments Might Hurt Search Rankings

During the recent Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout recorded on 5th February 2021, Google’s John Mueller advised website owners that deleting all comments from their site might negatively affect their search rankings.

A website owner submitted a question asking whether Google considers blog comments as a ranking factor or not. They wished to delete comments from their site and wanted to know if they could do that without losing or hurting their site’s rankings.

Well, in short, the answer is: Yes, Google considers comments as a ranking factor for web pages, and no, it is improbable that you can delete comments from a website without affecting its search rankings.

Let’s discuss these two points in detail now.


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09.02.2021 19:31

Google Analytics Will No Longer Collect New Data From YouTube Channels

After deprecating the link between the two services, Google Analytics has stopped collecting new data from YouTube channels on 1st February 2021.

It will no longer gather data from YouTube channels. Users can still access their historical data, but no new data will be tracked.

The ability to link YouTube channels to Google Analytics was removed last year, in November itself. However, users who had established a link between their YouTube channel and Google Analytics could see the new data up until 1st February 2021.

Surprisingly Google has made no efforts to convey this change to the users. In fact, we would have entirely missed out on these changes if it weren’t for a notification at the top of the YouTube Help page.


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05.02.2021 19:33

22 Possible Reasons Your Website’s Traffic and Rankings Have Dropped

Websites are built for people to visit. However, for different sites, visits can mean differently.

For example, traffic can be a source of revenue from ads for media websites. Likewise, traffic converts to direct sales for eCommerce sites.

On the other hand, some websites may not be selling any products or services instead, they might be selling their brand, where just receiving traffic on the content counts as a win.

Regardless of what your website is all about, traffic translates to customers. To put this in search engine terms – ranking means traffic, which means customers.

Thus, when you start losing your search rankings or your traffic, that’s a problem you need to worry about.


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01.02.2021 17:14

What Is Meant by Pogo Sticking in SEO?

Have you ever heard the term “Pogo-Sticking” before? Maybe read it in some marketing or SEO article? Well, if yes, then the chances are that you have tried to look it up and discovered that, in reality, it is not as fun as it sounds. However, if you are still not aware of what it is about, continue reading to find out.

The term “pogo-sticking” in SEO was coined by Google itself. This term describes what happens when a visitor lands on your website from a SERP and then returns to the search engine results page, exiting your site. And from there, they click on the next search result and visit another website. Now, this right here is the worst possible case in SEO, and we just can’t exaggerate it. Forget about high bounce rates, low times on-page, or any other metrics that you have been told to be concerned about for SEO – this is worse than all of these.


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29.01.2021 19:06

5 Reasons a Web Developer Should Understand the Basics of Digital Marketing

Being a web developer requires a great range of skill sets, and we are not just talking about proficiency in programming. And in case you think that the mere expertise in programming is sufficient for you to become successful, you are seriously missing out on something crucial here. You need to have a good grasp of all the concepts of digital marketing and SEO, and if you run a web development business or are an entrepreneur, this becomes all the more essential for you.

In this blog, we will discuss five reasons why understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing can prove to be extremely beneficial for your career as a web developer. Without wasting any time, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

  1. Allows You to Work Individually

When a client visits you with all the website specifications, and you are only aware of how you can


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27.01.2021 15:50

5 Biggest Web Development Trends That Are Revolutionizing 2021

As the need for digital services, support, and purchases continue to rise, the demand for website development services continues to increase too. Web development professionals are working in an ever-evolving atmosphere that is subject to change. Similar to any other sector, people working in this industry also need to stay current with all the significant trends and technologies around them. Doing so will help you future-proof your skill sets, gain new and better career opportunities, and potentially become more knowledgeable. Currently, there are various web development trends transforming this new year. In order to help you maximize the available options, you must know the latest emerging trends that will storm 2021. So, let’s dig in and discuss the most prominent website development trends revolutionizing this year.


First things first, voice-based search technologies have completely transformed


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25.01.2021 20:37

How Featured Snippets Can Help Boost Your Website Traffic

Featured snippets are what a user sees first when the SERP for their search query loads. They obtain the “position zero” on the search results, appearing before the organic ones, dominating the entire page, and instantly grabbing the users’ attention.

While this whole concept sounds quite appealing, it also gives rise to some critical questions: Do the featured snippets influence the searchers? Do they receive more clicks than the top results? What does the audience think of them?

This blog addresses all your questions surrounding featured snippets, how they impact the users’ behavior and overall experience. Let’s dive in!


Featured snippets can be defined as the summarized excerpts from a piece of content that provides the best and the most accurate answer


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22.01.2021 22:37

Do Incognito Searches Impact SEO Rankings?

SEO rankings are the most crucial aspect of any website, and this is no secret. We often talk about factors that affect these rankings and what you can do to retain them. But have you ever wondered if incognito searches impact your SEO rankings?

This is an excellent topic with so much to unpack. This blog will discuss what incognito search is and how it works. What is CTR, and whether or not it impacts search rankings in any way?

In order to answer this, first, we need to discuss what incognito mode does and what actions really impact our site rankings.

We are all aware that there are hundreds of ranking factors that Google takes into account. Now, among these factors, there is some crucial information that Google can obtain from your web browser.

When you perform a search, the search engine knows what country or language you have set your browser


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