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14.03.2020 10:19

How to Log Off Other Users from Windows 10

Смотреть 'How to Log Off Other Users from Windows 10'

Windows 10 is one of the advanced OS running on various latest devices and it offers multiple benefits to its users to get the best of it. Along with multiple tasks and amazing services, Windows 10 enables every user to create a separate account on the same device. This functionality safeguards all the private actions and personal files. It becomes more sensitive if you use it to share your device between numerous persons and users. In this case, your system holds multiple accounts on various holders.

If you share your device with someone else regularly, then it might be the case that the user forgets to log out of his account. In this case, the system runs with various applications with the same active account. These actions consume various resources and reflect the adverse effect on that particular account.


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12.03.2020 11:17

How to Take Notes on Locked iPad with Apple Pencil

Смотреть 'How to Take Notes on Locked iPad with Apple Pencil'

iPad packs numerous features and taking notes with Apple Pencil is among them. The latest iPad devices are compatible with Apple Pencil, but more than that, Apple is working on making Notes faster. For taking notes, users simply need to open the notes app. But what if the user wants to make note instantly while the display of the iPad is locked? Well, it’s possible to take notes on the iPad while the screen is locked. It’s a feature that everyone loves who makes notes and willing to take notes instantly.

It’s just like sketching on the paper because the sensitivity of the device’s connectivity with a Pencil is just incredible. People who love drawing, they also prefer to use the iPad because it makes things easier and better, alongside it’s an activity of


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02.03.2020 12:35

Fix: Facebook Login Error Sorry, Something Went Wrong

Смотреть 'Fix: Facebook Login Error Sorry, Something Went Wrong'

If you have used Facebook, then you may have seen the error, Sorry, something went wrong, We are trying to fix this as soon as possible sometimes. The error mostly occurs on the login screen however, you might also face it when attempting to load a fresh window after signing in. If you need to fix the error, then this post might be useful for you. Keep on reading to follow the instructions.

Something Went Wrong – Facebook

The problem can be with defective cache and cookies, poor extension, wrong sign-in data, Facebook permissions, and Facebook server issues. To identify the problem, try to launch Facebook in another browser and then sign in. If it is working better in other browsers, then the problem must be in that browser. Or wait for some time and try it


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27.02.2020 12:36

How to Mirror Android Phones to PC or TV

Смотреть 'How to Mirror Android Phones to PC or TV'

Screen mirroring is one of the best ways to connect your device with your PC and TV. You don’t need to attach your PC and TV with standers methods like using wires and cables, you can simply connect your Android phones and Apple device with your TV and PC. You can stream any application on TV or PC like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube as well as any entertainment application and video stores on your phones. You can also mirror your family photos and events videos stored on your phone. If you are in the office, then you can present your official presentation on your office TV or PC with mirroring features using your device.

Mirroring lets you more comfortable to attach your PC and TV instead of using the traditional method. Smart TV and smartphones are making people’s life easy, and now people


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27.02.2020 10:02

How to take a screenshot on Chromebook

Смотреть 'How to take a screenshot on Chromebook'

When you are doing something in your Chromebook like social media application or watching movies and you saw something you would want to show someone, then taking a screenshot is the most useful option. In case you do not know how to do so, then this blog will help you out. Here are several ways to take a screenshot on your Chromebook.

How to take a screenshot using buttons on Chromebook

Using a button is a convenient method to take a screenshot on your Chromebook. Button combination is an easy way to take a screenshot on mobile, and it can also work on Chromebook by using volume and power button.

There are two methods to take a screenshot on chrome book with keyboards buttons.

  • Ctrl + []]] to capture full screen.
  • ...>>>

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20.02.2020 11:21

Windows 10: How to Fix wifitask.exe?

Смотреть 'Windows 10: How to Fix wifitask.exe?'

With the introduction of Windows 10, the developers added a number of best features in order to increase the facilitation to clients. Sadly, some features end up causing a number of vulnerabilities such as wifitask.exe. Thus, these errors may seem harmful in the initial stage, but they are not actually.

As we know, wifitask.exe is an executable file connected with the windows operating system. In case you think that such an essential part of windows ten and sounds safe. Think again, there are lots of chances of it being a virus that you cannot avoid.

Wifitask.exe available installed on your operating system that works as a wireless background task.  Sometimes, it shows up in the task list and then disappears again by itself. However, if you are facing wifitask.exe error, then use the following guide to


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18.02.2020 11:41

How to Install Windows 10x Emulator on Windows 10

Смотреть 'How to Install Windows 10x Emulator on Windows 10'

Microsoft has introduced the primary preview of an emulator for Windows 10X which is the latest version of Windows 10 created for dual-screen as well as the foldable device that clears legacy component.

An emulator to access Windows 10X on Windows 10 is available for developers. However, any user can install it to check out what Microsoft has been creating for the latest version of the Windows 10. Zac Bowden who is a senior reporter of Windows released the walkthrough video of illustrating about the latest features such as latest Start menu and taskbar including parts of the latest interface and also how apps work in dual screen option.

If you are an enthusiast or a developer, you may test Windows 10X on the system via Microsoft


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