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7 Shows to Binge While Working From Home

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Amidst the health outbreak emergency all across the world, a lot of people are finding themselves dealing with self-isolation. They are searching for several ways to spend their free time at home, which has turned them to play video and watching television. People have been instructed by the health advocates and governments to follow social distancing measures and spend maximum time at home only. In simple terms, the people have a lot of time to dive deep into their old memories by viewing their favorite shows. The people can choose to watch the presentations, which they skipped a few years back following their busy schedules. Here is the list of some great shows taken from several streaming services that are worthy of watching. The list includes the blend of comedy and classic dramas, both of which are going to make your day.


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How to Download Apple TV + Shows on iPad and Mac

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“Apple TV +” is an ad-free subscription service by Apple that provides on-demand Videos on Web Apple TV services.

“Apple TV +” videos are viewable by using either Apple's TV app or by navigating through the website of Apple. This streaming service provides various original content that includes numerous documentaries, movies, and shows. It offers its users to view its contents both online and offline mode by downloading it on Apple devices.

1. Installing “Apple TV +” Movies and Shows on your iPad or iPhone

Apple TV + is a subscription-based service that costs about $ 4.99 per month to getting online, but if you purchased a new device, then you will be able to enjoy a one-year subscription for free.


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Bourne Spinoff Treadstone: A 2020 Release on Amazon Prime

The spinoff series for Bourne named  Treadstone  is set to be released internationally in  2020 . The spinoff of the well-received action-thriller flick will be made available on  Amazon Prime . Initially recognized as adaptations of Robert Ludlum's spy thriller novels, the series went full-on international adventurous, and  Matt Damon  even managed to land an Oscar for his role as the designative mercenary.

The series started back in 2002 with Matt Damon starring The Bourne Identity. The flick went on to bring back the life in the spy-thriller genre. This resulted in movies such as James Bond and Mission Impossible getting back to the big screen. The trilogy for the series was finished up in 20017, with the titles The Bourne Supremacy (2004) and The Bourne Ultimatum (2007). The fans, however, were not satisfied with merely three installments, which resulted in the release of a spinoff series named


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