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How to Find and Evolve Caterpie in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The popular video game of  Game FreaksPokémon Sword and Shield  is into its  4th  month since released. The game still persists to include new features and update in the game to entice gamers towards it. Recently a new update has arrived in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it has brought a series of new Pokémons in the game.

Several new and old Pokémons included in the game through the newly arrived update. Caterpie is one of those Pokémon that have added recently to the game, and in this article, we are going to discuss with the gamers about specific ways to find and evolve  Caterpie  in  Galar  region.

Find caterpie

The only possible location to track down  Caterpie  is  Route 1 , so the gamer requires to visit there first. After that, the gamers need to find Caterpie in the below-mentioned location of Route 1:


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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo: How to Beat the Final Boss

The demo version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is here and most of the players are already reached at the final level boss. Currently, Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo is for 30-40 minutes, and more will come when the full version comes out. Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo version is played by numerous gamers, and among those players, some of them are facing difficulty in defeating the final opponent. Every boss available in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is unique, and to beat the final boss, there is a procedure that players have to follow.

How to defeat the final boss of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Be Prepared – It’s a fact that before getting in any fight, you have to be fully prepared. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you have to be totally prepared because the final boss is not that easy to defeat. Keep the healing items with you and get into the battlefield with your health full. Smash up the Chest


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How to Share Apple Music Playlist on iPhone and iPad

Taste of music for everyone is different, but if someone who shares the same music taste as you, then it’s good to share songs with each other. That is why who prefer to listen to music a lot, they always make a Playlist to add new or old favorite songs. If your Playlist has a vast collection of songs, then you can share it as well. Most of the music streaming platforms allow users to make a Playlist of songs and share with other users as well. Making a playlist is not an easy task because it takes lots of time and patience to choose every single song you might listen to in the future.

Apple Music is a popular music streaming platform where numerous songs are available. It’s tough to remember every song, so whenever you like any song, just add it to your Playlist. In Apple Music, you can create your Playlist and also share it with others. Sharing playlist from Apple Music takes nothing, and every Apple Music user can hear your Playlist if you are ready to share.


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How to fix incompatible BIOS settings?

In the Windows operating system, the BIOS errors are expanding. Conversely, when a BIOS related issue arises, it either typically shuts down the device, freezes it or the screen goes black. There are a number of people who have reported about BIOS error. One of the issues is “the current BIOS settings don’t wholly support the Boot system. So, here are the essential steps that you need to follow and get rid of it accordingly.

Check the HDD

In case the user wishes to check the HDD, then they can pursue the mentioned instructions.

  • Suppose you are facing an issue with a fresh or relatively a fresh build, look at the HDD for link problem.
  • After that, launch the system and detach the SATA cord from the motherboard and HDD.
  • ...>>>

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How to Use Apple Pay Cash on iPhone

There are three different methods of Apple payment as namely Apple Cash, Apple Card, and Apple Pay. There is a slight confusion with each type of payment Apple pay use to purchase on the store and transfer the money to one user to another. Apple Pay also sends money directly to the bank account. In this blog, you can learn about Apple Pay and its features.

How to Settings up Apple Pay Cash on iPhone

Launch the wallet application on your device. You can see here the black “Apple cash” card when you have set Apple pay into your device. You can also change the color of the icon as you wish.

Here are the steps how to setup settings up Apple pay cash on iPhone:-

  1. Hit on the card.
  2. Choose “Set up Now.”
  3. ...>>>

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Grand Theft Auto Online: Guide For Getting Avi Schwartzman

In order to unlock the Avi Schwartzman, players will need to collect 50 signal Jammers and grab new characters with ease. If you are searching on how to collect them, then you have come to an ideal place. This guide will help potential users to locate every fifty jammers within the Grand Theft Auto 5 online game.  

  1. Found at the upper side of the Union Grain Supply Inc
  2. Found near the upper side of the broadcast tower within Sandy Shores
  3. Found near Downtown Vinewood's Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank.
  4. Found within the Del Perro's Clock Tower structure.
  5. Found at the yellow crane within West Vinewood
  6. Found near the upper part of Rockford Hills City Hall
  7. ...>>>

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How to Fix 0x800704EC Error Code in Windows 10?

If you are facing a 0x800704EC error code while accessing the Microsoft store, then there is no need to worry. You have come to an ideal place as this guide will help to overcome such hassle in the flick of seconds. Simply, the issue prevents a user from getting access to the benefits that the store has to offer. In order to overcome it, potential people have come turn on the Microsoft store through the group policy. Plus, turning on the same utilizing registering again via Registry or PowerShell will also support to bypass such error conveniently.

Method 1: Turn on Microsoft Store via Group Policy Editor

  • Press the Win + R button together on your console.
  • Now, a Run dialog box wizard will show up on your screen.
  • On the following wizard, insert gpedit.msc into the required box.
  • ...>>>

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How to Backup WhatsApp Chats and Photos on iPhone and iPad

WhatsApp is nothing less than a sensation around the world as the application packs millions of users. With the help of WhatsApp, we can send messages photos, videos, documents as well as make a video call. However, given number of online privacy breaches, it is an excellent idea to keep our data safe from WhatsApp for further uses. There are several messages and photos and many more things that are useful to us, so we need to back up our data regularly. WhatsApp data backup will be helpful whenever you delete your application by mistake and reset your device. If you have stored your backup information on your device, then it is not difficult to back up your chat and images.

In the previous version of WhatsApp, the backup features are not available, but with the new WhatsApp updates, it provides WhatsApp backup and restores. In the previous version, the user uses copy and paste options to back up their data in some third-party application and folder. Still, users can quickly


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How to Fix Disney Plus Playback Issues

Disney plus is the OTT platform where users can access all the classic or new movies alongside TV series owned by Disney. Users can also access movies owned by other companies such as Pixar Marvel, Fox, National Geography and Lucasfilm’s (which merged or owned by Disney.) It is still the very start, so there are chances that you can face playback or buffering issues on the platform.

Your quality of the video depends completely on the speed of the Internet. The platform has an autoplay feature, so the quality will change accordingly. If the fluctuation is too much, that means your connection is slow. The official recommendation for the network is as follows:

  • For High Definition, you should have a speed of 5.0 Mbps.
  • For 4K UHD you should have the speed of 25.0 Mbps.

With the mentioned speed, the connection and quality will be consistent. You have to check how other


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Every Sci-Fi Movie Releasing in 2020

As the success of Sci-fi horror over the years has increased, it is not shocking to see some big-hitting movies releasing in 2020. Some movies, including Morbius and Mutants, crossed over, so there is a large variety of options to enjoy for audiences. Horror is the kind of genre that has a lot of room to overlap for various genres and style that works truly well. Some of a popular infusion with horror is horror/comedy and sci-fi/horror mix. One of the popular sci-fi/horror films which are considered as the ground for the success of the sub-genre is the Alien of Ridley Scott’s introduced in 1979. Though it has gone much further with movies including The Fly in 1958, and Invasion of Body Snatchers in 1956. The Thing from another world in 1951 introduced and showed the lasting legacy for both genres.

Underwater in 10th January


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Golden Globes 2020: Major TV and Movies Snub

2020 Golden Globes has been a surprising snub that is going to presented by the Foreign Press of Hollywood and MC’d again by Ricky Gervais. It said to be widely expected as a jumping position for award shows. It is said that predicting winners of the award show is challenging. So this is the fact that there will no amazing female film directors this year comprising Lulu Wang for The Farewell, Greta Gerwig for Little Women, and Céline Sciamma for Portrait of Lady on Fire were nominated. Still, the show already has big snubs before it even started. And so Golden Globe will surely snub some award show performances as well as the actors at the assembly. Although the biggest snub that show begins 9 minutes delayed. Here are some significant snubs that stand out.

Bill Hader (Barry)

This was shocking as Bill Harder was missing last year on the Golden Globe, for his fantastic crime


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Borderlands 3: Where to Find All Ember Statues in Moxxi’s Heist DLC

The inclusion of  Moxxi's Heist DLC  in Borderlands 3 has been now a couple of weeks old, and somehow it has still become a mystery for several players. The main reason probably behind its secretive aspect is due to its several achievements which usually creates confusion and difficulty for the players to understand and accomplish it.  

Those who are not aware of this newly added DLC aspect of Borderlands 3, it is a feature that grants the player to unlock its various mysterious achievements and thus achieved rewards that benefits the player's game although we have highlighted the fact that it includes several achievements and all of them requires much efforts and time of the players.

One of the achievements that are also becoming a difficulty for the players and thus it hinders them to find and get all the Ember statues. Besides that, the scenario must have already intended you the


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