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How to Download Apple TV + Shows on iPad and Mac

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“Apple TV +” is an ad-free subscription service by Apple that provides on-demand Videos on Web Apple TV services.

“Apple TV +” videos are viewable by using either Apple's TV app or by navigating through the website of Apple. This streaming service provides various original content that includes numerous documentaries, movies, and shows. It offers its users to view its contents both online and offline mode by downloading it on Apple devices.

1. Installing “Apple TV +” Movies and Shows on your iPad or iPhone

Apple TV + is a subscription-based service that costs about $ 4.99 per month to getting online, but if you purchased a new device, then you will be able to enjoy a one-year subscription for free.


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5 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix This Year

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October is the month where leaves turn orange, weekends are about footballs and barbecues. October also has people excited about Halloween - the festival of carved pumpkins, trick and treating, and spookiness. If you want to get into the spooky Halloween spirit by binge-watching horror movies, then you are in luck. Here are some of the best Halloween movies available on Netflix.

  • The nightmare

Released in 2015, The Nightmare is a horror-themed documentary. This chilling flick explores Sleep Paralysis through different eyes. If you like creepy films, especially if you believe that truth can be more terrifying than fiction, then you should watch this movie. After watching this movie, you may be too scared to fall asleep again.


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How to Download or Delete Netflix from PlayStation 3 & 4

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With Netflix, you can watch your favorite show, movies, and many more right on your device through the internet or Wi-Fi. Netflix service is not limited to the mobiles, tablets, or computer. The company has also made the Netflix application for almost all types of popular devices that support internet like Smart TV, Wii, PlayStation, and Comcast. This means you can if you like to watch Netflix, then you can download its application on any of your devices. Here is how to download and use the Netflix on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

How to download and delete Netflix from PlayStation 4

Downloading Netflix on PlayStation 4 is simple, you can get it from your PlayStation Store as well as directly from the home screen of your PlayStation 4. Follow these steps


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