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How to Set Up the Two Factor Authentication for Gmail in the Outlook

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Setting up Outlook’s desktop version with the Gmail account is kind of tricky, but if it happens with straight steps, then it can be completed easily. If you are facing issues in setting up, then the first thing you should know that it is not happening because of the wrong password of the wrong address. It is happening because the authentication method is now a major requirement is you are setting up Outlook with Gmail.

Previously you might settle up the Outlook account with Gmail by the IMAP or the POP3 details with account password, but the situation has changed. It is not more like previous, now two-factor authentication is necessary. Now with the same password, you cannot access both platforms you need to activate two-factor authentication and create a password for Gmail also. So if you don’t know the whole procedure of setting up both


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How to Automatically Translate Emails on Outlook.Com

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Translator for Outlook is an add-on, which helps in translating the mail on one go. The translation is fast and appears beside the reading window in the email box. As you install the add-on, then you will be asked for the Office 365 or the Outlook.com password and mail address. Then it will be linked with the mail account so that you may utilize it in the Outlook clients without even installing every time. Several people require to translate mail content from other foreign languages to the native language. If you need to, you can allow the auto language translation in Outlook.com.

In this way, you don’t need to translate the mail manually. It doesn’t matter how much messages you receive or how long is the subject. Suppose you have the online business, and people from all over the world send emails in their own language. If you know


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How to Use Outlook’s Online Application Inline Translation Feature

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Microsoft Outlook’s online application allows free and quick translations of emails with several languages for the Office 365 subscribers. In this blog, we will teach you how you can use its features.

You can use Microsoft Outlook’s translation features in two methods if you are using an Enterprise Office 365 license specially used for business purposes and organizations. If you are using a Personal 360 license where you need to pay for a subscription monthly and yearly, then you can’t turn on its all features.

Source By : https://directorybuzz.co.uk/blog/how-to-use-outlooks-online-application-inline-translation-feature/

Here we will teach you how you can use Microsoft Outlook’s features using two simple


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How to Create a Personalized Email ID on Outlook

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If you are using the Outlook Premium package, then you can build a personalized email address on it. There are chances that you can make the customized domain ID if you contain the Office 365 Personal or Home package. Moreover, you have to use Go Daddy as the domain registrar. As you are building a professional business online, you must have a custom email address such as contact@yourdomain.com rather than using businessname@outlook.com.

Prior it was probable to build convention email ID for free. Now this advantage is finished as Microsoft has been providing a similar service with the Office 365 subscription. So if you need to build the email address with a domain.

If you need to build an email address through a domain, then you can follow the provided


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Guide to Using Outlook 2013 and 2016 Ribbon

Смотреть 'Guide to Using Outlook 2013 and 2016 Ribbon'

In the previous versions of Outlook, there was the pull-down menu. But Outlook version 2013 brought the navigation ribbon which substituted the old pull-down menus. But when you start to use the Outlook version 2013 & 2016, the functionality of ribbon is similar. The ribbon is altered and adapted on the basis of usage of Outlook. When you move from the e-Mail view to Calendar view in Outlook then content enveloped in the ribbon is also varied. It will also vary the other things in Outlook like Contacts, Tasks, and Notes etc.

Additionally, specific concealed ribbons will be displayed if you are performing particular tasks. For instances, when you are running e-mail attachments, then a ribbon of attachment will be shown. And, after downloading the attachments and switching to


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How to Turn On Read Aloud Feature in Microsoft Outlook

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The Read-Aloud Feature is usually available in Microsoft Office Applications like Outlook. It is a feature that is quite easy to understand by Outlook users. It just read back to the text, and that's it. Formally, this is a feature of the text-to-speech capability. This Read Aloud features a very discomfort.

However, the “Accessibility” name is. But the “Speak” of the document. For Windows, it's not a problem.

Speak  - This is a feature of Microsoft Words for only Windows.

Read Aloud  - it's the latest, enhanced version of Speak available in the latest Word 2016 releases.

Aloud Feature in Microsoft Outlook. The steps are quite easy to understand.


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The Easy way to get replies and forward on a pop-out Window for Outlook

Смотреть 'The Easy way to get replies and forward on a pop-out Window for Outlook'

Microsoft Outlook comes with a default feature of opening replies and forward on the same pane, but you may desire to receive them on a different popped window which would give better accessibility to you.

Sometimes while you are operating on Outlook and while chatting to one person you received a reply from another one of your friends, you may desire to uncluttered it by separating the replies by obtaining them on different popped Windows. To achieve this, you can implement the given steps. Here how to do it:

Steps for 2013 users of Outlook for receiving pop out Window

  1. Choose “Options” by going through the “File” tab.
  2. Then, go to the “Mail” button.
  3. ...>>>

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How to Enlarge Microsoft Outlook Mailbox Size

Microsoft Outlook mailbox. Although it is a mailbox for macOS in Outlook, it can be in PC or Mac. Here we go, in the following steps:

  1. Tap “Window key + R” for opening the Run tool.
  2. Write “regedit” and press “OK”, and then send it to the app.
  3. Press “Yes” and then regedit window will be opened.
  4. Double-tap “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”, then there are various options will be opened below.
  5. Double-tap “Software” will be cataloged.
  6. Double-tap “Microsoft” then Microsoft products will be enlisted in the right column.
  7. Double-tap “Office (version)”. Rather than “(version)” you will be running (2013, 2016 etc.).
  8. Double-tap “Outlook” under the expanded list.
  9. ...>>>

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