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02.01.2019 18:41

Instagram Rolls back Holiday Update, Claims Bug caused Horizontal Scrolling

Instagram video has been shared with friends and friends. It was launched in 2010, and since it was included.

This is a number of updates. But this time Instagram got trolled intensively for its latest holiday update.

It was a filed with the trolls backing back. Backlash instagram

Head of Instagram “Adam Mosseri” tweeted that this was a test update. The statement was released by the late navigator.

Well, a “Bug” explaining how to use it? That is not how bugs work. It was an update where it was rolled out for the holiday season. Indeed, it’s not possible to choose the navigation screen.

Acceptance of new navigation properties. Various megastars and musicians have asked for the update.


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18.12.2018 01:51

How to Develop a Business Profile on your Instagram

He added that he had been introduced to his posts. And there are still many of them who want to know the process. It is not much easier to set up a social media platform. IG is given below:

  1. If you are going to create your own business profile on Instagram, then you must have an active Facebook Page. If you’re not, then you can create a “Create Page” from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, choose your business category. If you want to find your business.
  • Photo uploads that suits your business activity. Photograph of your products.
  • If you are already running an active facebook page, you have to skip to the next option.
  1. Merge your Facebook page to your account.
  • The screen is open.
  • Now press “Switch to Business Profile” and then tap “Continue” to visit your Facebook page.
  • ...>>>

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