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How to Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

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Facebook sends a notification by default. Notifications on Facebook. Below you can see the following:

Steps to Hide Your Birthday Notifications on Desktop

• Press on the name of the Facebook webpage.

• Otherwise, enter the right-hand side of the search box.

• Press on the About option.

• Press and Basic Info option.

• Go down to the Basic Information.

Above Date

• After pressing the group symbol.


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How to Send a Message to All Friends on Facebook

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On your Facebook account. But your message can be sent to only 250 members. In the list of people you want to create, you can create many groups on Facebook. Want to send a message? Follow the instructions given in this article.

Using the Messenger App

• Open the Facebook Messenger application installed on the iPhone or Android.

• The Messenger application symbol with the white bolt.

• Press on the New Chat symbol.

• Search for the right-hand side of the display.

It is located at the top of the display.

• After that, choose that friend.


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How to Unblock a Facebook User on Android

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Using Facebook becomes frustrating because of a few users sometimes. Blocking them. Once you have been able to see your timeline If you want to unblock them. A lot of people find the process of unblocking hard on Facebook. Android phone is now below.

Unblocking anyone on Facebook

You can easily unblock it before you use your Android device. Facebook app on your Smartphone for unblocking. Go to the top right section. Find the Account Setting option. After seeing it, tap on the same.

The next step is blocking. Select the person that you are unblock from the list. Once you’ve clicked on the button, it will appear on your screen, tap on it. You will be able to successfully unblocked the chosen person.


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How to Change Your Facebook Last Name

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Do you want to change your Facebook last name? You can easily change your name on Facebook. Facebook last name

Steps to change your Facebook  computer

• Open the default browsing software.

• Go to the Facebook official website, www.facebook.com.

• Sign in by email.

• Tap on the downwards black arrow.

• Tap on the pull-down menu option.

• Press the menu option given in the General option.

• Type your name.


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