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19.08.2021 11:47, г. New City, США Смотреть на карте

Many People Dissatisfied with the New Prayer Tool on Facebook

The social networking site Facebook allows users to share their ideas, pictures, and videos however, a new feature has been added that allows users to pray for others. Facebook has begun rolling out a new Prayer Request tool, which will allow certain religious leaders and other users to pray online with people who are connected with them, according to the company. However, several people have voiced their dissatisfaction with the new function, claiming that it is an unneeded addition to the platform.

The feature became the part of Facebook Groups

Facebook has integrated the new function into groups, and the controls connected with it will be in the hands of group administrators. Whenever someone is ill, or before a job interview, or whenever there is a small problem, group members may request the rest of the members pray with them. Following


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04.06.2021 10:38

Facebook takes initiative towards the mental well-being Facebook and Instagram

On 26th May, Facebook Inc declared that users of Instagram and Facebook will now have the option of hiding like counts on their posts from the public. This change gives more power in the hands of users to use it as per their interest. So, now before sharing a post, you can choose to hide like counts. 

On Instagram, you can also hide like counts on other posts by visiting the new Posts section in Settings. Once selected, it is applicable for all the posts visible on your page. They have gone one step ahead and given more control by allowing users to turn this setting on and off after sharing the post. These two controls will be rolled out soon for Facebook as well.

Today social media platforms have become so addictive that people continuously check their phone, invest less time in themselves and their relationships, harm their eyes, sleep patterns and waste a lot


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26.04.2021 13:14

How to Remove All Facebook Posts on Your Device?

Facebook posts sometimes clutter the device and consume lots of storage. You can save necessary posts if you want, but keeping unnecessary posts on a device is not good. If you like to delete Facebook posts right from your device, it’s very easy for every user.

You can easily filter your posts and then remove them from your device to save storage and decluttering the device’s storage.

Removing Facebook Posts on Smartphone

The procedure of deleting Facebook posts right on your mobile phone is very easy. Follow these steps to delete your posts based on your device type:

For iPhone and iPad

Here is how to delete Facebook posts right on your handheld device:


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08.04.2021 10:39

Facebook Analytics Will No Longer Be Available After 30 June 2021

In a recent announcement, the social media giant Facebook revealed that Facebook Analytics would no longer be available after 30 June 2021. Marketers have less than three months to export all their data and search for other alternatives.

Given how heavily the marketers depend on Facebook Analytics to gauge conversion data, this announcement has come with distinctly short notice.

The company quietly published this announcement that it is shuttering Facebook Analytics at the end of June 2021 on Facebook for Business Help Center. If you visit analytics.facebook.com now, it will redirect you to the announcement that reads Facebook Analytics will no longer be accessible after 30 June 2021. However, users can still access their reports, export charts and tables, and explore insights until then. If you want to export your data into a CSV file from Facebook Analytics on your desktop,


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08.04.2021 08:53

Facebook Introduces New Features Giving More Control to Users Their News Feed

Popular social networking company Facebook is all set to introduce some new features to give users more control over their news feed. This update would mainly focus on what shows up on users' news feed and who can comment on their posts. On Wednesday, Facebook announced these changes along with several other updates, all of which are aimed at increasing transparency on the platform and intended to build trust among Facebook users on how the platform's algorithms work.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s VP of Global Affairs, said he had a problem with the way some people claimed that Facebook’s algorithms intended to fuel polarization and meant to manipulate the users for monetary gains. Further, Clegg said that these new features announced by Facebook are part of the company’s broader move to show people that their experience on the platform only depends on their ‘own’ relationship with Facebook’s algorithm.


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25.03.2021 16:51

Facebook Is Testing a New Green Screen Feature for Special Effects on Stories

The social networking giant Facebook is testing out a new “Green Screen” feature for Facebook Stories. This new tool will let you use a still image or video as the background for your Stories on Facebook. It is pretty much similar to the Green Screen effect available on Facebook-owned Instagram.

However, users can use this feature as an editing tool on Facebook, unlike on Instagram, where it is available as an AR filter or effect. It will appear on the top of the “Create Story” section along with the other options, including Text, Boomerang, and Selfies. Users can add an image or video from their gallery by tapping on the “Green Screen” option. After that, they can either tap to click a photo or hold to record a video against the chosen background. Upon selecting it, the feature is labeled as “Green Screen by Instagram” at the bottom, as per the screenshots shared by Mamun Billah, who spotted it.


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23.03.2021 17:08

Facebook Giphy introduces Hire Me option for freelance Artists

Facebook's Giphy recently pushed out the 'Hire Me' option for freelance artists associated with animation and graphic designing. This in-app feature will enable the users to add the  hire me  option in their profile to let the recruiters know that they are available for hire. Various companies and brands will now be able to hire freelance artists and offer them work. This feature is indeed a great initiate by the Giphy app. It will provide unlimited opportunities to those freelancers who otherwise found it harder to adjust to office work. This initiative will also create new employment opportunities for those whose professional life was derailed by the raging pandemic.

Giphy - A brief overview

Giphy is an online database of short looping videos, GIFs, memes, and images. Users can post their content on this platform, and they can share the pictures and videos created by other artists. Its mobile


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03.03.2021 20:53

How to Make Your Business Prosper Amidst Digital Marketing Chaos

As for marketing, way too many marketers get into a rut where they do the same thing repeatedly and gradually get more declining returns. This results in lesser exposure and diminishing revenue. Generally, this takes place slowly and bit by bit until it reaches a turning point when the marketers, at last, understand that they need to take significant steps to get back in the game.

Marketing is undoubtedly a rapidly ever-evolving field. Therefore as entrepreneurs, we must keep pace with it to stay competitive and productive.

In the middle of this digital marketing chaos, it has really come down to adapt or die. The key is to proactively adapt eternally, not only to survive but to thrive.


There used to be a time when Facebook was like a dream come true for marketing professionals. However, if you ask about it from those same marketers today,


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02.03.2021 19:03

Twitter to Roll Out Paid Super Follow Feature That Lets Users Charge for Conte

As per its latest announcement, the microblogging platform Twitter is planning to roll out a “super follow” feature that allows users to charge their followers if they want to gain access to their exclusive content. Twitter said that it would be releasing this function later this year.

The step comes as the social networking site is looking to broaden its horizons to discover more ways to earn profit for itself as well as its  content  creators. Currently, advertising stands out as Twitter's primary source of revenue.

On Thursday, in an investor presentation, the  social media  company revealed that this new feature would allow users to charge followers for access to additional and exclusive content which won't be displayed to the normal followers. This exclusive material can incorporate subscriber-only deals, videos, discounts, and newsletters. People opting for this “super follow” feature would have to pay a


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16.02.2021 12:48, США Смотреть на карте

Interesting Facts about Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that millions of people use every day. You can share a variety of posts, including photos, videos, feeds, and more. The platform even lets you do a lot of other things, including texting, audio call, as well as video calls. Facebook is undoubtedly a great source of entertainment. Many companies even use this platform for advertising their products. Well, you can use it in various ways but there are a few things that you probably didn’t know about Facebook. In this article, we will share with you some very interesting facts about Facebook that will blow your mind. So, without taking much more time in the introduction, let’s move to our main topic. Here we go!


Facemash Was the Original Name of Facebook


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15.02.2021 18:20

Shopify Partners With Facebook to Bring Its Shop Pay Feature to Instagram

The popular eCommerce platform Shopify recently announced its partnership with Facebook to introduce its payment tool Shop Pay to Facebook and Instagram.

The new Shop Pay feature will first roll out for Instagram users, and later on, it will be made available on Facebook Shops, the platform for small businesses, in the upcoming weeks.

Once Shopify’s checkout and payment processing system, Shop Pay, is added, users will be able to use it to complete their purchases. This is undoubtedly an excellent addition to the existing payment options available to buyers as it will offer them a much more secure and convenient experience on the platform.

PayPal and manually typing the credit or debit card details were the only payment options available to shoppers currently. According to reports, the Facebook Pay payment system offers all these payment


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13.01.2021 18:25

Steps to Lock Your Facebook Profile on a Desktop

Facebook is one of the most sought-after social media platforms out there, which boasts more than a billion active users every month from around the world. Users who have accounts on Facebook can post photos, videos, stories, upload status, and connect with other people from across the globe. With the growing privacy concerns of people today, the social media giant is also taking significant measures to cater to their users’ need for better privacy on the platform. Back in 2017, the platform rolled out a feature that allows users to shield their current profile picture, and now last year in 2020, the company launched another feature, Facebook profile lock, which is kind of a successor to the profile guard feature.

With the release of this profile lock feature, users can now add an extra security layer to their Facebook profile. A lock icon that shows up on a user’s profile indicates that the person has a locked


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