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Christopher Nolan

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan shared that he is interested in the idea of adapting his popular movie into games.

One of the renowned filmmakers of the industry, Christopher Nolan is a British-American screenwriter, director, and producer. He has received 34 Oscar nominations and won ten out of them. The filmmaker is known for his metaphysical and epistemological themes. He explores the construction of time and human morality in his movies. Most of his works are inspired by the concept of narrative structures.


The award-winning director has given plenty of commercially successful movies to the industry, including


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Tatsuya Shiba

Смотреть 'Tatsuya Shiba'

Trained from his childhood to become a living weapon, Tatsuya Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High School is a cold and calculated warrior that must not be underestimated. One can make the mistake of thinking that he is weak because of his quiet demeanor, but nothing can be further from the truth. Tatsuya is a dangerous fighter with impressive powers that are often hidden behind his chilly demeanor. Although he is an important character, there are many mysteries surrounding him and his powers. Today we look at the aspects of his personality and his qualities that make him the fierce warrior and the talented magician.

Source: https://norton-setup.n1setup.co.uk/the-irregular-at-magic-high-school-what-makes-tatsuya-shiba-special/


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Watch Dogs: Legion- How to Hack Drones

Смотреть 'Watch Dogs: Legion- How to Hack Drones'

Ubisoft’s action-adventure video game franchise, the Watch Dogs, has recently received a new successor version, known as Watch Dogs: Legion. Although it’s been only a few weeks since this game has been released, it has still succeeded in acquiring a considerable amount of acclamation. Besides, this game is being acknowledged everywhere for its fantastic storyline, depicting people’s lives in dystopian London, where drones, phones, and CCTV scrutinize every native. Now, the objective for the gamers is to diminish this evil’s corrupt government. Thus, in this article, we have brought a proper workaround that contains information on drones alongside ways to hack them.



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Talentless Nana

Смотреть 'Talentless Nana'

 There are very few shows that portray the events from the villain’s perspective. It is not hard to imagine why that is, since it is quite risky to go against the well-established norm of telling the story from the heroes’ standpoint, which almost always works. So, there is little incentive in going the other way, but some shows have done it and have had remarkable success. The most popular when it comes to anime being Death Note. But these are very few, and outliers are not the right example to follow since there are too many failures that try the same thing and go unrecognized. However, when the creators of Talentless Nana faced the same dilemma, they were brave and confident enough to choose the less trodden and riskier path.



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