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08.04.2020 14:13

Doom Eternal: Where to Find Grappling Hooks?

Grappling Hooks in Doom Eternal is a pure dominant weapon that can slay the demons easily. Doom Eternal is one of the most violent games that appear in the top list after releasing. As the millions of players are playing it in 2020, the in game experience is quite successfully addictive. It is a massive hit game in the gaming industry that available in almost every gaming platform. Doom Eternal also available in Nintendo Switch that happened shortly after the release of the game. To make the game more popular among players and adding new gamers, Nintendo has supported a lot. Doom Eternal represents a demon on the earth that destroying each and every living creature on it. There are several pounding weapons and extraordinary Grappling Hook available.

Grappling Hook is a valuable and useful weapon of Doom Eternal that most of the players don’t know where they existed. It can help players to defeat the demons and keep them far from them. Doom Eternal


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How to Set & Use Netflix House Party

Смотреть 'How to Set & Use Netflix House Party'

Netflix is the best streaming platform in terms of content and optimization. The content available on Netflix can be watched through the website or the application. Content is what thing that makes Netflix the best streaming source, but there are more factors that attract users to use this. Watching shows with family and friends pays the worth of getting the subscription, but even if you are watching the shows, you can do the same fun like that.

It's hard to watch shows alone when you know friends it will be more fun. Netflix is ​​a great source to watch amazing content, but it cannot make your friends come to your place if you are alone. However, there is a solution that Netflix provided for its users. If any user wants to see show or movie with friends and they are not at the


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How to Fix WinWord.exe Application Error Message

Microsoft World is one of the most reliable text editing applications around the globe. It used to design and draft various documents, files, and Word documents. It is the part of MS Office Suite that works globally for various purposes. It is suitable for offices, corporate sectors, and other institutions used to create numerous data and content files.

Users who face the error issue with this application annoy with it’s an executable file that is “WinWord.exe.” If you are also facing this issue, then abide the under provided procedures to fix this issue:

Reasons for Arising “Winword.exe” Error on Windows 10

This error usually arises on the device when we want to launch Microsoft Word that is listed inside the Task Manager. Various applications such as MS Office, MS Outlook also rely on this application.


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How to Fix NVIDIA Settings Are Not Available in Windows 10

NVIDIA is one of the best Graphics Card manufacturers with a wide range of cards that supports different types of systems configuration as per the different users.

If you are currently using the graphic card of NVIDIA in your system, then there are chances that you have come across some errors even though NVIDIA tries to eliminate as many errors as fast as they come across it. One of the errors is where the user gets the message informing them that the Display Settings of NVIDIA Graphic Card is not available. The primary issue for the error can be the fact that the monitor of the system did not adequately connect to the GPU. It is the primary reason, but some more factors can generate this error, such as the monitor is not connected to the right port. If you are currently facing this error, then you can follow this article to resolve the error.

Methods to Resolve the Issue


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How to activate mcafee antivirus for your pc?

Norton.com/setup provide best system system security 

for your pc, laptop or tablet from online threats whether 

it is virus, malware or spyware.

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04.04.2020 14:39

How to Adjust Bass on Windows 10

Sometimes, high-quality headset or speakers fails to produce rich quality bass in sounds that you wish to hear on Windows 10. Then you might blame your hardware gadget or the Speaker itself, but the real issue slightly differs from it. It might be the configuration issue related to the particular audio driver. One can use reliable or third party equalizer for producing good bass.

There might be some sound settings error in the sound system or headset that refuses to reflect sound through the sound card. Here is how to get the maximum bass quality on the speakers running on Windows 10. Pursue these instructions to decrease or lower bass on your Speaker:

Using APO Equalizer for Reducing Bass

There are numerous equalizers available online for managing the sound effects and bass quality.  Third-party programs may help you in this regard. If you wish to minimize the bass of your Speaker, then


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04.04.2020 13:39

How to Fix Resolution Not Supported Printing Error

Смотреть 'How to Fix Resolution Not Supported Printing Error'

Printing a document is not a complex task if it works smoothly in collaboration with your PC. Sometimes, users face various issues and such a frustrating issue is “Resolution Not Supported” that restricts users from printing Excel and Access files. Sometimes, this error applies to other formats, but graphic documents work fine in this situation.

Source: How to Fix Resolution Not Supported Printing Error 

Abide by these instructions to overcome this error:

Resetting Your Printer

Resetting a device fixes most of the issues, especially in print devices. Follow these simple points to do the same:


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7 Shows to Binge While Working From Home

Смотреть '7 Shows to Binge While Working From Home'

Amidst the health outbreak emergency all across the world, a lot of people are finding themselves dealing with self-isolation. They are searching for several ways to spend their free time at home, which has turned them to play video and watching television. People have been instructed by the health advocates and governments to follow social distancing measures and spend maximum time at home only. In simple terms, the people have a lot of time to dive deep into their old memories by viewing their favorite shows. The people can choose to watch the presentations, which they skipped a few years back following their busy schedules. Here is the list of some great shows taken from several streaming services that are worthy of watching. The list includes the blend of comedy and classic dramas, both of which are going to make your day.


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Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Find and Get Legendary Largemouth Bass

Смотреть 'Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Find and Get Legendary Largemouth Bass'

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open wild world game where players can do everything they want. In the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, there are full of wildlife areas to find and rob items to live. There are various legendary animals also available in Red Dead Redemption 2 that require to collect to progress game. Among several numbers of legendry animals, one of them is Largemouth Bass, which is the 13th legendary fish of game. Finding and grabbing Largemouth Bass is not that easy, but through the following procedure, you can do it.

Where to Find Largemouth Bass

There is a specification location available in the southern region of southeast “Lake Don Julio.” After reaching the location, the “San Luis” River exists in New Austin.


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Fixed: Windows Mixed Reality Not Working Error

A few users have reported a weird error message saying Windows Mixed Reality Not Working. It can influence due to a lousy update which might be corrupted due to improper Windows Update. Several users have faced that their program becomes almost unfeasible to start, install, or update. Many tried some solutions to fix it, but most of them failed in doing so, and the problem continued to annoy them. In case you are also facing the same, keep on reading, and you would be able to find a perfect solution for the issue.  

Problems with Windows Mixed Reality 

Although your computer hardware can’t run correctly without compatible drivers and software, you can still fix the issue with the solutions mentioned in this article. The issue may be triggered due to incompatible and corrupted drivers. Many users are facing the issue while installing the WMR software


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Which Mac Upgrade is Best: RAM, CPU or SSD- Myth Busted

Mac is an exceptionally powerful data processing device which is far powerful than a regular Windows operated computer. However, sometimes the Mac itself can become slow, especially if you are using one of the old generation Mac devices. It is not necessary or worth always go for a new product if your current device has no significant issues, and you can upgrade its resources to make it comparatively faster and more versatile. Some users are confused about the choices of what to component or part should they replace on an upgrade on their machine to maximize performance.

Some users think that Upgrading CPU can be a wise decision over replacing SSD or RAM, and in this article, we will try to explain which of them can worth the efforts. Let’s learn whether one should replace CPU, SSD, or RAM in order to upgrade an old Mac and to get better performance. So what’s the wait? Let’s dive in.


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Android 11 Ensures that Nobody Can Spy on You through Microphone or Camera

Смотреть 'Android 11 Ensures that Nobody Can Spy on You through Microphone or Camera'

Android 11 is going to introduce a one-time permission feature for facilitating location services. The functionality of unique one-time permission was introduced in Android 10, and the latest version Android 11 is just extending the feature. The extension of the privacy feature in Android 11 is significant in terms of providing the users’ security from the spying eyes on them through camera and microphone. It could be said that with the extension of this particular privacy feature in Android 11 will help the users protect their privacy. Now, with the improved handling of app permission, the users can grant access to the apps for using sensitive features such as a microphone, camera, and location-based on one time. The app, while using the particular feature, can use the permission given by you for only one time, then the consent will be revoked


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