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Speed Up Your Mac With These Simple Tips & Tricks

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Source: Speed Up Your Mac With These Simple Tips & Tricks

If you are struggling with the slow speed of Mac and it has become difficult to carry out your work on Mac, then the post is for you. Your productivity will be impacted negatively and you will not produce as much as you expect if your Mac is slow. It almost took so many days to diagnose the problems and even some more days to resolve the issues hampering your productivity badly. But, there is a quick solution for you to get rid of the problem and you can again optimize your Mac with CleanMyMac.

Once when your device becomes slow then you start to find the reasons and among several reasons, the significant is the running of resource-heavy applications in the background. However, it is not the only reason there may be some other also such as outdated


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Device is Disabled Error Code 22 on Windows 10

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Source: How to Fix “This Device is Disabled” Error Code 22 on Windows 10

The error code 22 or “Device is Disabled ” error can be seen while running your system or installing a particular program. There are various reasons for such error like hardware tool turned off under the “Device Manager,” using an old and unsupported driver, and some bugs and glitches inside your system. 

It usually arises when you start or turn off your system. When the hardware program is disabled, then some harmful bugs become active inside your device manager and thus create obstructions in the functioning of your device.

Follow these steps, if you wish to troubleshoot the error code 22 on your device:


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