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01.11.2019 12:49

How to Restore Missing App Icons in Dock

It takes a lot of time to work out your applications to your preference. If you are using a Mac and you have removed or lost any of the icons stored on your system, then do not falter as they can be regained. Here are the various methods to restore your lost or missing app icon on the Dock screen.

Getting back lost app icons on Mac’s Dock

The most important thing is that the app icon that you have lost from your Dock is only the shortcut of specific program data. The program won’t be uninstalled from your system. You may get back the app icon that you have lost. 

Follow these methods to restore all your app icons that gone missing somewhere.

Procedure 1: Drag and Drop method

The most effortless way to get back your lost app icon is the reversing method. You have to follow the


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