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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: Details & Specifications

A few days ago, we got to see the first look of the Galaxy Watch 4. It showed that it has no rotating bezel. However, the rotating bezel lives on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Samsung has renamed it to classic, which makes it looks like a conventional classic watch. Samsung will launch this smartwatch later this year.

Design & Build

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic looks similar to the Galaxy Watch 3 except for the strap design and color options. In short, the design of the smartwatch has been the same since the launch of the Galaxy Gear S3 in 2016.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has large rotating bezels along with big buttons on the side, and it will help users with navigation. The color options also might be White, Black, and Gray for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. In short, the smartwatch has a cool and premium look.


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Official Pokemon YouTube Channel Announces Pokemon Unite for Android

The world of Pokémon is well-known for spin-off games. Because many have been launched for the past 25 years. And it has already taken the world by storm with games like Pokémon GO. Now, the Pokémon Company is all set to launch a new competitor into the ring in the form of Pokémon UNITE.

The Official Pokémon YouTube channel has announced to introduce the latest Pokémon game for Android, the Nintendo Switch, and iOS. The latest game is known as Pokémon Unite, and it's a MOBA. Similar to its previous versions, you'll have to collect all the Pokémon as a part of the online multiplayer battle game. Undoubtedly, Pokémon Unite is designed and developed in partnership with Tencent. So, I expect the game to land as a blatant cash grab similar to Pokémon Café Mix. The Pokemon Company is focused on continuing this franchise by the mud as long as it can generate quick money with lazy clones on mobile. However, there is no launch date, no target regions conversations, and no one has indicated


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Add Widgets On An iPad: Here’s How

iPad users will get a new Widget experience with iPadOS 15, very much similar to iPhone. Amidst all, here is how you can add Widgets to your iPad right now.

Users can add Widgets to their iPad devices. But they should not expect the various types of customizations that the tech giant has made available on the iPhone devices with iOS 14 software update. At least, the users can’t expect it from Apple yet. The tech giant is trying to improve the Widget experience for iPad users in the near future. But, in the meantime, tablet users can use and add Widgets.

iOS 14 & A New Way to Use Widgets

Apple introduced a new and exciting way to use Widgets on any iPhone with iOS 14 software updates. Previously, there were several limitations as to where the Widgets could be places and its overall experience.


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Windows 11 Will Be Available to Windows 7 and 8.1 Users

Windows 11 can be made available not only for Windows 10 users but also for those running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 as a free upgrade.

A leak over upgrade support has surfaced ahead of the official announcement of the new Microsoft operating system. Microsoft had also launched a similar upgrade program when it launched Windows 10, in which Windows 7 and Windows 8 users got free upgrades.

One of the reasons behind this at that time was to bring more and more people to new windows, after which the company also lost user support for Windows 7 last year.

XDA Developers saw some product configuration keys in the leaked Windows 11 build, with titles of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. These keys may indicate Microsoft bringing users of the old Windows operating system to Windows 11 as a free upgrade.


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Universal Control: One Mouse & Keyboard to Rule Your Apple iPad & Mac

Apple provided a closer look to users at various features At WWDC 2021 that it will bring to Mac devices. It includes the new Universal Control Continuity feature also.

Universal Control is a new Continuity feature that Apple introduced at WWDC 2021. It will be launched with macOS Monterrey. After the release of macOS Big Sur in 2020, macOS Monterey will be the next significant update for the Mac operating system. The subsequent versions of iPadOS, iOS, watchOS, and macOS improve the user experience on specific devices. But Universal Control seems all set to improve user experience across devices.

Why Continuity Feature is Important

Apple has designed Continuity feature to offer more excellent usability and connectivity between its various devices. It creates an ecosystem that every user can take advantage of daily. For example,


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Spotify Introduces Offline Audio Listening Feature on Apple Watch

A well-known company called Spotify which hosts popular podcast programs such as JRE (an acronym for Joe Rogan Experience), has revealed a feature, which will enable listeners to listen to their favorite bits without needing any internet exclusively on Apple Watch. Spotify is one of the most pre-eminent audio platforms, and it has recently revealed that it will render the users to download all of their favorite bits such as podcasts, playlists, and albums exclusively on their Apple Watch device, and then they can listen to their favorite audios, music, and podcasts without needing an internet connection. Precedent to this, Apple Music, which is also a globally popular in-house music platform of Apple, released an offline feature for wearables so that people can listen to good music while traveling, running, etc. And, it is also quite essential to remark the fact that Spotify listened to users’ demands who have been looking for an offline listening feature on their Apple wearables since


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Bose Unveils True Wireless Earbuds with Outer Ear Fit

Bose has always stood out from others when it comes to manufacturing the best speakers, headphones, and earbuds. The company believes in both quality and reliability. Most people use the product manufactured by Bose as they consider its products reliable. The renowned company has unveiled its new earbuds that will keep you safe while you bicycle and run on the road. The regular headphones fit over your ears and don’t let you hear what is going on in your surroundings. Don’t you think it may sometimes cause you trouble? Whether you are jogging or running, you can stay safe on the road even when you have your earbuds on. Listening to music through earbuds on the road may put you at risk, so we have mentioned the features of Bose’s latest open-ear earbuds.

Why Pick Bose Sport Open Earbuds?

Bose Sport Open Earbuds keep your ears open to the outside world. Their open-ear design is being appreciated a lot. They fit over the ears and offer high-quality sound


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07.06.2021 12:03

Why Regulating Content On OTT Platforms Is A Bad Idea.

In the ocean of the internet, there are platforms both small and large that provide and release content for a wide range of audiences. And given the fact that millions of hours of content are pushed online every day, it is no surprise that it is hard for service providers and platforms to comply and follow censorship guidelines all the time. Regulating content on OTT platforms has become a new trend across nations to control or eliminate content against their morals, traditions, or culture.

Content censorship and regulating laws have their drawbacks first and foremost, it restricts and denies the freedom of expression to both the creator and viewer, restricting and limiting the creator’s ideas and thoughts of what he wants or hopes to show the world. It affects freedom of creativity, the rawness, and the originality of the content. This kind of regulation practice also hampers the evolution of cinema or content in general it doesn’t allow a creator to show or create something unorthodox,


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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Смотреть 'Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing'

Artificial intelligence has started to penetrate the digital marketing sector of the business and various tech-savvy industries. It allows us to connect to the audience and the consumers a bit differently than the traditional method. Machines take over the workforce’s responsibilities earlier, including voice recognition, visual recognition, translation, analysis, and decision-making. 

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

The term AI (Artificial Intelligence ) indicates humans’ behavior, such as critical thinking, decision making, analyzing, incorporated into machines utilizing computer programming. In other words, the capability of a machine to impersonate human-like thinking can be termed artificial intelligence. 


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Comments Not Loading on YouTube? Here’s the Fix

Смотреть 'Comments Not Loading on YouTube? Here’s the Fix'

YouTube is the perfect platform on which one can share their talents and interests with the whole world. This streaming service provides you with the best features and interesting content. You can access the YouTube streaming platform on multiple devices including, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac computers. People not only use YouTube to stream videos. But the service also allows you to upload your own videos. Comments on the YouTube videos are important and beneficial for both the viewers and the creators. They show us the quality of the videos. With the comments, one can get to know if the video is worth watching or not. And if you are a creator of a video, then with the comments, you can know if the viewers liked your video or not. YouTube is the best option to keep your audience entertained. 


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How to Use the Clock App on Your iPhone

Смотреть 'How to Use the Clock App on Your iPhone'

Siri is a great tool to manage and control iPhone tasks, apps, widgets, notes, etc., with ease. Some users think they can’t use and manage the Clock app using the Apple’s assistance, but the reality is far from this. Siri is one of the best and advanced AI available to users. You can control your clock and time better with just your voice through the assistance of Siri.

You can also track various time-zones by requesting Siri for the same. We are here to guide you on using the Clock app and managing your time accordingly with your voice on your iPhone. To know more, read all the steps carefully:

Checking Time of Any City, You Want using Siri


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Sharing Apple Music with Family

Смотреть 'Sharing Apple Music with Family'

The Apple Music subscription offers a huge variety of music features which makes it worth sharing with friends and family. If anyone wants to spend less and get the full benefit of an Apple Music subscription, they should try out the Family Sharing feature. The Family Sharing allows the first to share the Apple Music service across those devices that are added in the Family Sharing section.

Through the Family Sharing feature, users can share subscriptions and purchases with 5 more people. Fortunately, this feature is not limited to just Apple Music but can be used for several different Apple services and third-party apps that are compatible with Family Sharing. In order to share Apple Music, users either choose Family Plan or subscribe to Apple One Family to access the subscription. So if anyone isn’t aware


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