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01.09.2021 14:10

How to Fix Video tdr failure nvlddmkm.sys Error Windows 10

The error message that reads ‘Video tdr failure nvlddmkm.sys’ on windows 10 is quite a common technical problem that people face. The computer with Windows 10 and Nvidia graphics cards may experience this issue. The devices that don’t possess Nvidia graphics will not show this error as it is linked to Nvidia graphics cards and their drivers.

 In case you stumble upon this error message and wish to fix it, you will get noteworthy help from this article. We are going to talk about this technical glitch in this article.

 Let’s troubleshoot this problem.

 Fix 1: Update Windows

You should check whether any new updates for your computer are available as the latest updates include bug fixes and error fixes. When you install a new Windows update, the previous problems related to


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17.05.2021 12:42

FAQs Related to Windows 10 Updates

Since 2015, Windows 10 has surpassed the other operating systems and became the most used operating system. The credit goes to the multiple advantages offered by Windows 10 that were not available with the previous operating systems. Regular system updates in Windows 10 keeps indicating the longevity of an operating system. One of the main advantages that you would find in Windows 10 is its exemplary Antivirus protection. The innovative and smart applications of Windows 10 create a protective barrier to keep malicious programs away from your device. One of the new functions, ”Windows Hello,” offers you to lock the device with fingerprint, iris scanning, or face recognition.

One can't deny the fact that even a well-equipped operating system might trouble people with specific functionalities. Some of the common queries raised by clients while installing updates on Windows 10 are discussed here, along with their possible solutions.


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