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14.03.2020 10:19

How to Log Off Other Users from Windows 10

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Windows 10 is one of the advanced OS running on various latest devices and it offers multiple benefits to its users to get the best of it. Along with multiple tasks and amazing services, Windows 10 enables every user to create a separate account on the same device. This functionality safeguards all the private actions and personal files. It becomes more sensitive if you use it to share your device between numerous persons and users. In this case, your system holds multiple accounts on various holders.

If you share your device with someone else regularly, then it might be the case that the user forgets to log out of his account. In this case, the system runs with various applications with the same active account. These actions consume various resources and reflect the adverse effect on that particular account.


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20.02.2020 11:21

Windows 10: How to Fix wifitask.exe?

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With the introduction of Windows 10, the developers added a number of best features in order to increase the facilitation to clients. Sadly, some features end up causing a number of vulnerabilities such as wifitask.exe. Thus, these errors may seem harmful in the initial stage, but they are not actually.

As we know, wifitask.exe is an executable file connected with the windows operating system. In case you think that such an essential part of windows ten and sounds safe. Think again, there are lots of chances of it being a virus that you cannot avoid.

Wifitask.exe available installed on your operating system that works as a wireless background task.  Sometimes, it shows up in the task list and then disappears again by itself. However, if you are facing wifitask.exe error, then use the following guide to


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24.01.2019 23:24

Best Uses Of Cortana On Windows 10

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Cortana is one of the most active and helpful features of Windows 10. The drastic change is that it is available not just in Windows phones but also on PC. Many of the time people think that it only works as an assistant but actually, people can also give orders and put up their queries. The best part is that people can work on Cortana in every corner of the world.

Cortana can be used in plenty of ways. Some of its most frequent and best uses are given below, so read it carefully.

  1. Setting of reminders

Cortana has a useful inbuilt extraordinary function of giving reminders which is in actually much more than just providing simple reminders. For instance, utilise the Reminder


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17.01.2019 17:54

Fix: Functions Keys Not Working on Windows 10?

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Generally, the Function keys have been developed and designed to execute particular actions on your laptop or PC. For instances, enable or disable Wi-Fi connection, modify the brightness of your screen, easily on or the sounds of your system, and many more. However, the function key always goes in the permutations with some other keys such as F1 to F12.

Unluckily, many users have reported that the Function keys stops working immediately after upgrading or installing the Windows with the latest versions. According to the recent surveys, it most frequently occurs in the HP, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo computers. This error is quite irritating and frustrating for the users, especially when they are working with their system. But don’t worry we are providing you with the best effective


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03.01.2019 18:29

How to Fix Corrupted Recycle Bin Error on Windows 10

Смотреть 'How to Fix Corrupted Recycle Bin Error on Windows 10'

If you are working on computers, then it’s time to reset it. This will usually be the case. This error is mainly met by Windows 7, 8 / 8.1 and also Windows 10 users.

It can be used to make it. Each drive will include the contents of the folder.

However, you can't reset it. If you’re on your computer’s windows 10 computer system.

If you’re a little bit harsh and errors from your system.

Steps to Fix Corrupted  Recycle Bin  Error on  Windows 10

To fix this “Corrupted Recycle Bin” error, you need to follow the below-given steps Here how to fix it:

Method-1: Run CMD


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