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24.09.2020 16:53

Trying to Use MusicBee on Windows 10 but It Won’t Open? Here’s the Fix

One of the most used and popular music players of Windows PC is the MusicBee, which is a very convenient option if you don’t want to invest anything. Advanced features of the software will leave you jaw-dropped as it offers a great service in exchange for nothing. No matter how good the service is, technology can come up with issues sometimes that can be resolved.

Most MusicBee users have reported that whenever they try launching the player, it refuses to do the same. The reason behind this could be a blockage from the antivirus software. Not only this, but it can also stop working due to compatibility issues with the device.

If you’re one of the MusicBee users and facing the same issue, you’re likely to get the issue fixed after going through the tips mentioned below. Read along to learn more!

What to Do If MusicBee Doesn’t Open in Windows 10?


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09.09.2020 12:24

How to Fix Cast to Device not Working on Windows 10?

Cast to Device is one of the most trendy features on Windows 10 that allows you to stream your desired media content like photos, music, and videos to linked DLNA devices. But according to many users, they are unable to use this feature on Windows 10. If you would like to fix this problem, then here are a few possible solutions given below.

Updating the Network Card Driver

Mostly, this kind of problem could be caused by out of date drivers. In that situation, we suggest you check and install the available updates for the network card driver.

Launch the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

You can pursue the guidelines provided below:

  1. Hold the Windows icon to launch the Cortana on the taskbar.
  2. ...>>>

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08.09.2020 11:42

How to Disable Startup Delays in Windows 10?

Startup Delayer offers users the power to optimize their Startup Process by delaying apps from starting up as soon as they sign into your device.

In case you wish to disable Startup Delay, and want the apps to launch immediately after the start-up procedure of Windows, you need to go through the procedure registry modifications in Windows Registry section.

Here is how to easily disable Windows 10 Startup Delay:

Disabling Windows 10 Startup Delay by Using Registry Editor

If you desire to deactivate the process of Windows 10 start-up delay, then you will require to make some modification into your Windows Registry section.

Windows Registry is a robust tool, and the user is always recommended not to misuse it, doing so results


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27.08.2020 11:50

A Guide on Using Various Methods to Connect to a Wi-Fi on Windows 10

Desktop and laptop owners are likely to use the Wi-Fi connections that are the most convenient option for internet connectivity. However, a lot of times connection issues arise due to not being able to connect correctly.

There are multiple methods to connect to a Wi-Fi network on your Windows 10. Therefore, if one method doesn't work out for you, you can always switch to another.

Below is a guide on three methods used to connect your Windows 10 to a Wi-Fi network.

Connecting a Wi-Fi Network Using Taskbar

The steps to get connected to a Wi-Fi network using Taskbar on your Windows 10 are:

  • Locate the network icon on the taskbar and click on the same.
  • Note: If the icon isn't available, click on the top-arrow icon to expand other options.
  • ...>>>

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