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How to Use Windows 10 Search Bar Without Cortana?

If you want to use the Windows 10 search bar with Cortana, then this blog will show you how to do this. This option is very helpful while working, and being capable of accessing it in several methods presents an advantage that will store the time. Here are some quick directions mentioned below.

Utilize the Windows Key

To use the Windows key, follow these on-screen step by step directions provided below:

  1. First and foremost, hold the Windows key to invoke the search bar.
  2. After that, input the name of the file you are searching for.
  3. Now, Windows 10 will bring up a series of matches.

Utilize Search by Categories

To use search by categories, follow these on-screen step by step directions provided below:


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 The HomeGroup function on Windows 10 lets you share the files and resources on a small network with other users. Using HomeGroup, you can share docs, media, images, printers, and many more. However, HomeGroup is no longer available on Windows. Still, you can use many other options to share your files and other documents. To know about these options, follow this article and read it carefully.

Use Share Feature to Send Files on Windows 10

The users who want to use the Share feature to send files on Windows 10 can follow the below-written directions.

  1. Navigate to the File Explorer on your system.
  2. After that, find the folder wherever the file you would like to share.
  3. You should choose more than one file you would like to share.
  4. ...>>>

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Fixed: Android Phone Not Recognized on Windows 10

When trying to connect your Android device to Windows 10 system, Windows 10 couldn’t detect your Android phone due to common reasons such as defective USB cord, wrong USB settings, cache, and data, etc. If you are also facing this issue, then here are the directions given below.

Inspect Drivers of Windows 10 to Fix Android Phone Issue

Follow these steps to inspect drivers of Windows 10 to fix the Android phone issues.

  1. You have to link the mobile through USB.
  2. After that, select the Start logo and right-click on it, then choose the Device Manager.
  3. Select the View option and turn on the ‘Show Hidden devices.’
  4. You should extend each Portable device and select the External Storage, and right-click on it.
  5. Then select the Update Driver option.
  6. ...>>>

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AirPods Pro Microphone Issues on Windows 10

Смотреть 'AirPods Pro Microphone Issues on Windows 10'

Numerous users are facing issues on their AirPods Pro while using Windows 10. There are several reasons behind this issue, such as outdated drivers or firmware. So, if you want to repair this annoying issue, you need to pursue this article. Here is the complete procedure mentioned below.

Update Windows or Drivers of the System and Firmware of the AirPods

To update Windows or drivers of the system and firmware of the AirPods, pursue these on-screen step by step points provided below:

  1. Firstly, update your driver and Windows of the PC. Keep in mind no optional update is pending uninstall.
  2. Also, in case you are utilizing an OEM tool, then utilize it to update your drivers.


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21.09.2021 13:24

How to Fix ATTEMPTED_SWITCH_FROM_DPC Error on Windows 10?

The error code “ATTEMPTED SWITCH FROM DPC” BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) usually happens when the system turns off during the initialization procedure for Windows. The issue is generally caused by a delayed process call (DPC) routine that tried to run an illegal operation. The DPC gets triggered when the kernel notices a hung condition and calls to cancel or interfere with a software application. It means that a yield, attach method, or wait operation was performed from DPC. We have prepared several ways that have worked for other users online, and we hope it will help you get rid of this annoying error.

Perform the Hardware Troubleshooter

To perform the hardware troubleshooter, follow these on-screen steps provided below:

  1. Go to the Settings application on your system and click on it.
  2. ...>>>

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Can’t Browse iPhone Photos in Windows 10? Here are the Fixes

When you connect an iPhone or device, it will show in File Explorer beneath the Devices and Drives section. Users can choose their iPhones in File Explorer to search via their videos and photos of the camera. But according to some users, they are complaining that when they connect their iPhones, it does not show in File Explorer. If you are one of those who deal with the same issue, then follow this blog.

Reinstall the Apple Mobile Device Driver

To reinstall the Apple mobile device driver, pursue these on-screen steps provided below:

  1. At first, connect the phone to the laptop or desktop.
  2. Thereafter, reach the Windows search bar and type ‘device manager’ into it and press the Enter button to launch the Device Manager.
  3. ...>>>

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How to Fix Mouse Lag Problem on Windows 10

Whenever you face the mouse lag issue on Windows 10 computer, it can be seriously frustrating. Ignoring this problem and expecting it to resolve itself is not the solution. You have to research it and fix it using the tested solutions. You are here on this website, and reading this article indicates that you are curious to fix it. You have come to the right place if you wish to repair the mouse lag error on Windows 10.

There can be many reasons behind the mouse or cursor lagging problem on Windows computers. The significant cause of this problem is corruption or change in the computer device drivers. When there is something wrong with the mouse driver, it won’t work correctly and may lag due to outdated drivers. THIS PROBLEM CAN ALSO BE A CONSEQUENCE OF A TECHNICAL GLITCH IN YOUR MOUSE ITSELF. So a single method may not fix this problem as it could have arrived due to multiple causes.


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A Guide to View and Edit Apple Notes on Windows 10

Are you looking for ways to view and edit Apple Notes on your Windows 10 PC but don't know how to do it without having a native app? This article is for you. This article provides some methods to access notes from Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) on Windows 10 without any built-in app. Let's learn about the ways that will help you access notes on Windows 10 computers. 

How to access Apple Notes through iCloud

If you want to take advantage of Apple-developed services like Apple Notes on other manufacturer's devices, you will need to use the iCloud website. To view Apple Notes on Windows 10, visit the iCloud website from your Windows computer. 

To get notes from Apple devices, you will have to make sure that Apple devices' notes should be synced to iCloud. Moreover, follow the below instructions to sync Apple Notes to iCloud.


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How to Terminate the Critical Service Failed Error on Windows 10

If you see the ‘critical service failed’ error message on your computer screen, it means you are either running an incompatible application or have connected an incompatible device. You can also get the problem on your PC if you have not updated the drivers. If you have accidentally changed something in your computer’s system files, it could also be a reason for it. Whatsoever, we have mentioned some practical tips in this article for troubleshooting the critical service failed error.

Solving Critical Service Failure on Windows 10

  1. Using System Restore

If you follow the below instructions, you might be able to resolve the error pretty efficiently:

  • First of all, restart your computer a few times, and you will redirect to the boot options screen.


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01.09.2021 14:10

How to Fix Video tdr failure nvlddmkm.sys Error Windows 10

The error message that reads ‘Video tdr failure nvlddmkm.sys’ on windows 10 is quite a common technical problem that people face. The computer with Windows 10 and Nvidia graphics cards may experience this issue. The devices that don’t possess Nvidia graphics will not show this error as it is linked to Nvidia graphics cards and their drivers.

 In case you stumble upon this error message and wish to fix it, you will get noteworthy help from this article. We are going to talk about this technical glitch in this article.

 Let’s troubleshoot this problem.

 Fix 1: Update Windows

You should check whether any new updates for your computer are available as the latest updates include bug fixes and error fixes. When you install a new Windows update, the previous problems related to


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How to Move a User to a Different Windows 10 Device

Windows 10 has a user profiles feature allowing multiple users to create their unique profiles on a single device. This helps various users to get a personalized data and user experience while using the computer. Your computer may also have multiple user-profiles and accounts.

Previously, we also had a feature on Windows 10 to move user profiles to a different computer. This feature was known as Easy Transfer that allowed users to migrate a particular profile and all its data to a different device. Microsoft stopped this user profile migration feature from their operating system in a Windows update.

You cannot move a profile to a different Windows 10 computer using the built-in software as it is no longer available. However, there are still some excellent methods to migrate a Windows user to a different Windows computer.


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FAQs Related to Windows 10 Updates

Since 2015, Windows 10 has surpassed the other operating systems and became the most used operating system. The credit goes to the multiple advantages offered by Windows 10 that were not available with the previous operating systems. Regular system updates in Windows 10 keeps indicating the longevity of an operating system. One of the main advantages that you would find in Windows 10 is its exemplary Antivirus protection. The innovative and smart applications of Windows 10 create a protective barrier to keep malicious programs away from your device. One of the new functions, ”Windows Hello,” offers you to lock the device with fingerprint, iris scanning, or face recognition.

One can't deny the fact that even a well-equipped operating system might trouble people with specific functionalities. Some of the common queries raised by clients while installing updates on Windows 10 are discussed here, along with their possible solutions.


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