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07.03.2019 12:36

Grinding wheels are often used in many industries.

The grinding wheel is also called a fixed abrasive. The grinding wheel is a fixed abrasive with a certain strength by a bonding agent to fix a common abrasive into a certain shape (mostly round, with a through hole in the center). It is generally composed of abrasives, binders and pores, which are often referred to as the three elements of a fixed abrasive. According to the different classification of the bonding agent, ceramic (bonding agent) grinding wheel, resin (bonding agent) grinding wheel and rubber (bonding agent) grinding wheel are common. The grinding wheel is the largest and the most widely used one. It can be coarsely ground, semi-finished and polished on the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various profiles of metal or non-metal workpieces. Fine grinding and grooving and cutting. <a href="https://www.auroraabrasive.com/metal-grinding-disc-factory-price/

">High quality metal grinding disc</a>often receives high comment.


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