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Save Audio Attachments Messages on iPad and iPhone

Looking to store audio messages or audio files received on iMessages? Well, the procedure of saving audio files from iMessages is pretty simple. Users must know which person has shared the audio file and when did it happen. Once the audio is saved in the iPad or iPhone device, users can listen it anytime they want, and can make multiple copies of it. 

Audio files stay in iMessages conversation, but users can save it in multiple places by sharing it. When there are thousands of messages in a single conversation box, finding the audio files can get highly difficult. However, Apple has added an additional column of shared files in conversation. It gives the user a little help to see all shared files including audio files, but not the audio messages. Audio files like MP3, m4a, ringtones, podcast clips or any other files can be located easily in iMessages, and here’s the guide to save it on iPad and iPhone.


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DualSense controller

In this article, we have discussed how to use Create Button on PS5 DualSense Controller. The PS5 has brought up DualSense, its all-new controller, which is an upgrade over the previous-gen DualShock 4 controller, which use to be sipped alongside the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. This controller has bought several changes, and one of the biggest things you will observe is the “Share” button that has been named “Create” now. This button allows users to broadcast content, record clips, and capture screenshots. So, if you are thinking about how to start creating game media, follow the steps mentioned below to use “Create,” on your DualSense controller.

How to Use the Create Button in DualSense Controller

Using the “Create” button on your PS 5 controller, there are a certain thing that you can do. You will find yourself making use of this button to record video clips or take screenshots if you want to


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Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking predicted how the world would end and penned a “near-certain” doomsday date.

Hawking was a cosmologist, theoretical physicist, and author. He was also the director of research at the University of Cambridge at the time of his death. The physicist has a Ph.D. degree in general relativity, cosmology, theoretical physics, and applied mathematics. At the age of 21, the genius was diagnosed with a slow-progressing form of motor neuron disease that paralyzed him gradually over the decades.


The scientist had collaborated with physicist Roger Penrose and worked on several topics, including


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The Boss Baby

 The most awaited sequel film’s release date, The Boss Baby: Family Business, is again delayed for six months.

Tom McGrath’s The Boss Baby: Family Business (aka The Boss Baby 2) is an American 3D animated comedy movie. The film is the sequel of the 2017 movie The Boss Baby franchise. Alec Baldwin voiced the Theodore Lindsey alongside James Marsden as Timothy Leslie, Amy Sedaris as Tina Templeton/New Boss Baby, Lisa Kudrow as Janice Templeton, Ted Jr. and Tim’s mother, Jimmy Kimmel as Ted Templeton Sr., Ted Jr. and Tim’s father, Amy Sedaris, and Jeff Goldblum.


The movie’s plot follows Tim and his brother Ted. Both are adults now and living their own lives. Ted has become the CEO of the hedge fund, and Tim is a married man with a kid. Their cutting edge approach


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Cannes Film Festival Might Get Delayed Till Summer

 The upcoming Cannes Film Festival’s event date might be delayed later in summer from its regularly scheduled date in May.

France’s Cannes Film Festival is an annual film festival which is held to preview all the new movies of all genres. Only invited guests are allowed to attend the event at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.


The Cannes Film Festival is one of the five big festivals, along with the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada, the Berlin International Film Festival in Germany, the Venice Film Festival in Italy, and the Sundance Film Festival in the United States.


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Sticky Notes

Do you remember the days when we used to stick important notes to our computer screens? Well, those days are gone now, and all thanks to the technology that has made managing everything more convenient and easier now. Now, we all use digital sticky notes. Nowadays, all the devices come with a feature that enables you to add important notes to not miss anything important. With the sticky notes app, one can easily add notes and can access them whenever they need. Microsoft has also added this feature to its Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 operating system comes with various great functionalities. And Sticky notes app is also one such app that is widely used by many Windows 10 users. The Windows 10 sticky notes app is a quick and convenient way to add every type of note on your computer systems. And anyone can easily use this app. 

Source: https://office1.uk.net/a-guide-to-recover-deleted-sticky-notes-in-windows-10/


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ZTE Axon 5G Review: Capturing the Perfect Snapshots

Смотреть 'ZTE Axon 5G Review: Capturing the Perfect Snapshots'

It’s ZTE. There is a need for extreme volumes of oxygen because many may faint and get into shock. The more one scrolls and explores it, the more eyes get widened. The aura of ZTE will cater after it has announced the launch of a new smartphone – ZTE Axon 5G. The new smartphone is extremely rich with the set of features it embeds. Anyone can get the vibe of awestruck and speak out the lines similar to Howard Beale in Network. It is essential for us to know what is so shocking in the new ZTE Axon 5G.



ZTE Axon 5G weighs 198 grams with a dimension of 172.1 x 77.9 x 8 mm. It may disturb some who use smartphones, including Vivo V20, Oppo F17, Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro,


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Best Co-Op Games That You Can Opt To Play

Gaming is really fun, and if you are a gamer, you know very well that there is nothing more enjoyable than making your way through an epic battle and fighting with every possible weapon. There are various genres of games available in the market. Co-op games have been on the list of most popular video game series in the past few years. The development of these games has reached a very advanced level of innovation and diversification. There are various games that offer a multiplayer mode, single-player mode, and co-op mode. There are various co-op games available in the market. This article lists some of the best co-op games that you may choose to play today.


A Way Out

A Way Out is one of the best co-op games that are available in the market in today’s date. This game


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How to Set Up Keyboard and Mouse Controls in PS5

Смотреть 'How to Set Up Keyboard and Mouse Controls in PS5'

The much-awaited gaming console of Sony Interactive Entertainment, PS5, has finally arrived. Like its predecessor, this gaming console is also a home video game console. PS5 offers a wide range of new features that includes DualSense Controller, Solid State Drive, Backwards Compatibility, and 3D Audio. And more importantly, it allows gamers to play their favorite video game using a mouse and keyboard. Thus, in this article, we will brief the gamers about setting-up a keyboard and mouse controls in their PS5. It is suggested to read this guide thoroughly so that gamers can avoid making any mistake.



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Смотреть 'Router'

Do you frequently play online video games on your computer? If yes, then you may know how important it is to have stable and fast internet connectivity for online gaming. Sadly, your internet router can trigger several internet connectivity issues to your computer, ruining your gaming experience.


In this guide, we will show you how to enhance your internet router performance to allow you better gaming.

Let’s get started…

Tips to Optimize Internet Router for Online Games


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Pokemon Shield

Смотреть 'Pokemon Shield'

Things have changed a lot for Pokemon Sword and Shield gamers because lately, it has received a new DLC. The DLC is known as Crown Tundra and is the second part of Isle of Armor. Like the Isle of Armor, various new Pokemon have stepped into Pokemon Sword and Shield however, the medium of catching them has been changed. Now, gamers need to complete a specific quest linked to their ideal Pokemon if they want to see it. Meanwhile, after a specific Pokemon known as Calyrex, the gamers are considered a Legendary Pokemon and most potent amongst the others in the game. Players are required to complete the quest for Calyrex for adding it to their lineup. The quest of Calyrex needs from the gamers to find the Reins of Unity, and specifically, it is an intricate task to do. Thus, in this article, we have provided a proper workaround to find Reins of


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Steam Needs to be Online to Update Error

Смотреть 'Steam Needs to be Online to Update Error'

 Steam is an online platform from game developer Valve. Here users can purchase, play, make, and discuss PC games. It is available on Windows PC, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. At times, Steam users may come across the “Steam needs to be online to update” error. To fix this error, apply the solutions mentioned below.


Running Steam in Compatibility Mode

You can run Steam in compatibility mode by following these steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the shortcut of Steam and right-click on it, then choose the Properties option.
  2. You should select the tab of Compatibility.
  3. ...>>>

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