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28.03.2020 09:33

Internet under Immense Strain with the Entire World Streaming More Than Ever

The pandemic that has imposed everyone across the globe to dwell at their homes has also led to a major impact on the growing market of streaming services, so does the Internet. In a couple of years, we have seen various streaming platform has been established, and they all have succeeded in acquiring numerous subscribers. Thus, the on-going circumstances- has led to heavy streaming, which has caused a huge strain on Internet shoulders.

The parent company of HBO, known as WarnerMedia, has recently looked upon the stats that show them about how much new subscribers they have attained and how much time they are utilizing on streaming their platform. They stated that there is an enormous growth in their business, which is close to 65% for TV shows and more than 70% for movies.

HBO is not the one that is availing of the current circumstances the chief officer of Content on Netflixhas


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4 Necessary Steps to Secure Your Gmail Account

Смотреть '4 Necessary Steps to Secure Your Gmail Account'
Source: 4 Necessary Steps to Secure Your Gmail Account
Gmail is used by people all across the world for sending and receiving messages, email, presentations as attachments, and many more. The extensive use of Gmail accounts is not limited only to individuals, but also it has been spread to private institutions, small and big companies, corporate, universities, etc. However, the use of Gmail is widely considered safe and secure, and most of the people think that their online data is very much secure on their Gmail accounts. But, it is not true as there exist cybercriminals or naughty people who are continually looking for opportunities to snoop into your private online data to misuse it accordingly. Most of the people just after setting a simple password start thinking that now cybercriminal will not fetch to


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17.03.2020 20:33

Office.com/setup - Installation & setup Guide

Setup and Install Microsoft Office 2016/365/2019 from office.com/setup and Verify your Product key to get started with Office Installation on your Computer.

We have high skilled Technicians and very much expert on installation support for office setup. We always taken care customer on time and at first, we ensure the better quality service to get the satisfaction to our clients as well. 

If the whole process disrupt at any point, get the MS Office Customer support from the well-versed technicians who are 24 * 7 available to help you. 

Why Choose Us:

- Certified Technicians

- Available for 24/7


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How to Autoplay Embedded YouTube Videos

Смотреть 'How to Autoplay Embedded YouTube Videos'

Source: How to Autoplay Embedded YouTube Videos

Embedding a video or audio enables the users to share their videos with any of their preferred sites or any social networking platforms. They can do so by copying the embedded link of the particular video or any of the content so that others can watch the video directly just on a click.

If you want to show your YouTube videos to others and wish to inform them about your product and services, then it is recommended to enable the Auto-playing feature. Auto-playing or embedded videos don’t enhance the number of views to your videos. It only enhances the credibility in describing what you wish to inform your YouTube audience.


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11.03.2020 09:11

How to Play YouTube in Background on iPhone

Watching videos on YouTube is something millions of people do every day. Though the ordinary irritation which exists while streaming the content on YouTube is its lack of background functionality. And so if you open any message or try to use other apps on the iPhone, then the video is going to stop playing. As you cannot play the video while using the YouTube app in the background, it is better than voice continues to play rather than stopping the complete video. However, there is a method to listen to YouTube content in the background for a long time.

It involves to navigate to the browser and play the video for a little bit. You may close the web. If you have performed this, it may enable you to navigate to the control center and click on the Play option that will play the content that you have already loaded in a mobile browser. If you need to play YouTube in the background on the iPhone, then this post might be useful for you. Keep on reading


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How to Record iPhone Screen and Audio on Windows

Смотреть 'How to Record iPhone Screen and Audio on Windows'

Source: How to Record iPhone Screen and Audio on Windows

Mac Devices provides a unique feature to its iOS users that they can record their iPhone screen in a bit by using the feature “Quick Time Player.” Now Apple has introduced such a feature for Windows platform to record audio and iOS screens in a very frequent way. Previously, users had to depend on various third-party applications for screen recording function. Still, now Windows built-in tool and effort of Apple made the task so easy for the users.

Gamers use and like to record their screen for further use and sharing. Now, they don’t have to worry about the task of recording screen and audio.

Follow these instructions to record your iPhone screen and audio to convert it into


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02.03.2020 08:13

Tekken 7: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Paul Phoenix

Tekken is a famous arcade game franchise in which Paul Phoenix is ​​one of the most recognized characters. He is the kind of character that deals heavy damage from every single hit to the opponent. Mastering with this ultimate character can help you in winning almost every battle in every difficulty mode. Even after all these years, the popularity of Tekken just increased instead of decreasing, and it is because developers provide something new and interesting with the new version of the game. The graphics and visual effects in Tekken 7 are great, which is why the number of playing gamers is so high.

Paul Phoenix has a history and, in every Tekken game, some of the parts of his history releases. With every part of the game, Paul Phoenix also earned a better and bigger fanbase. His body shape and hairstyle make him different from the entire other characters of the game. For mastering with him, there


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Смотреть 'iPhonetoWindowsPCUsingMicrosoftRemoteDesktopApp'

Source: How to Connect iPhone to Windows PC Using Microsoft Remote Desktop App

As far as we all know the Apple operating systems, especially the iOS one does not go well with the Windows operating system. Some iPhone or iPad users might see errors and other technical issues while connecting to a PC. In such cases, the Remote Desktop App has got your back as it allows users to link their iPhone or iPad with the Windows-based PC without any issues at all. If you wish to transfer data and other essential things between your PC and your iOS device, then this article will help you out.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Features and Functions

  • It is free and can be easily downloaded on iOS.  
  • ...>>>

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19.02.2020 08:01

Division 2 Update: Episode 3 Patch Notes and Bug Fixes

As we know, Division 2 is one of the best action role-playing genre games available for gamers to have fun in their free time. It is developed and published by Massive Entertainment for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. Recently, developers have launched the most significant updates for users that contain plenty of modification and bug fixes. To learn more about it, this guide will help to know what developers have to offer now in the game.

Patch Notes:

Here is the list of new content that you will access in the Division 2 game to enjoy in the leisure time with ease.

1.  Weapons:

          Honey Badger


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How to Convert a Text File into Excel File

Смотреть 'How to Convert a Text File into Excel File'

Source: How to Convert a Text File into Excel File

If you contain a list of the stuff in a text file and you need to import files from the text to Microsoft Excel, then you can execute it without even doing manually. There are options available in Excel which enable you to import entire text from .txt file to spreadsheet so as users can execute tasks fastly. If you have any item list available in the Notepad or.txt document and you need to import it in the Excel spreadsheet. You can execute in two different methods.

You can copy and paste the entire text from the .txt document and paste it in a spreadsheet. Or else you can utilize the built-in choice of Excel to make it simple. The other step is easier when you have a huge amount of text that must be imported. If you


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Why Parasite Won Oscar for Best Picture?

Смотреть 'Why Parasite Won Oscar for Best Picture?'

Source: Why Parasite Won Oscar for Best Picture?

Parasite made history by winning Oscar for best picture, but how and why?

The South Korean film directed by Bong Joon-ho, Parasite has won the Academy awards for the best film, and it came as a big surprise to many. The viewers and industry giants were defining the 92nd Academy awards by the inclusion of safe choices, and only a few were ready for such a big surprise. The South Korean film not only made into for best picture but also Bong Joon-ho got the award for best director. The inclusion of some big names in the category of the best director made the competition fierce. Still, finally, Bong Joon-ho appeared as the winner, and Twitter almost broke with the appreciation of messages and applauses.


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How to See VPN Connect Time on iPad or iPhone

Смотреть 'How to See VPN Connect Time on iPad or iPhone'

Source: How to See VPN Connect Time on iPad or iPhone

Virtual Private Network is very helpful if you want to access the websites restricted in some regions. It is useful in protecting your online activities while browsing the different websites from the spying eyes on Public Wi-Fi as a VPN provides a secure connection over the internet while browsing through other networks.

However, the popularity of the VPNs is for different reasons today besides the reasons they were created. Nowadays, most of the operating systems are coming with integrated VPN support which is making the productivity of users much enhanced.

VPN and Its Uses

In simple words, a VPN connects your Smartphone, tablet or PC to another server over


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