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23.09.2020 05:16

Hot Air Stenter Failure Solution

In the use of open rotary screen printer, it is inevitable that we will encounter such and other problems. Then when we encounter these problems, how should we solve them? In order to save everyone unnecessary trouble, licheng machinery will introduce to you Some common failures of open rotary screen printer and its solutions, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. The machine does not work when it is semi-automatic.
1, check the power supply.
       2. Check the foot switch and start button.
        3. Check whether the controller and inverter alarm.


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06.08.2020 06:43

How To Maintain Flat Screen Printer During Holidays

The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival will be on holiday soon, and many printing factories are going to shut down. Today, I will talk about the maintenance methods of the screen printing machine:

1. The entire machine of the Flat Screen Printer is controlled by a full touch screen, so the touch screen is easily damaged, so it is strictly prohibited to be hit or scratched by hard objects or sharp objects. The user should wipe and refuel the Flat Screen Printer at least once a week as required

2. Regularly check the water accumulation in the filter water cup of the Flat Screen Printer. Drain the water once every shift. Avoid bringing water into the cylinder. If you need to add lubricating oil regularly to each lubrication point, to ensure the normal operation of the Flat Screen Printer equipment


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04.08.2020 05:15

The Hot Air Stenter Must Be Kept Lubricated

    With the development of science and technology, the range of application of Hot Air Stenter in our lives is very wide. The range of printing of these Hot Air Stenters is very wide and the quality is better. However, maintenance is a very important aspect in the process of using these Hot Air Stenters. We cannot take the maintenance of Hot Air Stenter lightly.
     In the maintenance process, maintaining the lubrication status of the Hot Air Stenter is a very important aspect. Proper lubrication can greatly extend the life of the Hot Air Stenter. First, before using the Hot Air Stenter, you need to check whether the lubricant of the Hot Air Stenter is in a proper state. Generally speaking, there is a grease nipple on the Hot Air Stenter. If the oil standard shows that there is no oil, we need us Add lubricating oil in time. Because if there is insufficient lubricating oil, it is very easy to cause the machine to run difficult, and in the process of use,


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29.07.2020 05:22

Introduction To The Use Of Hot Air Stenter

The screen has a very key function in the automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machine. To put it in a vivid way, if there is no screen, the automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machine will not be able to work normally.

The screen in the automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machine is a woven fabric for making a screen, a skeleton diagram for making a screen, a support point, a light-sensitive adhesive, and a conventional light-sensitive film. It is the basic of screen printing, open rotary screen printer is also called stencil printing equipment. The hole is produced by the opening of the screen, so there is no screen printing without the screen.


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22.07.2020 05:53

Composition Of Open Rotary Screen Printer

There are three types of letterpress screen printing machines: flat press, round press and round press. Flat press letterpress printing machine is also called open rotary screen printer. It uses the common mechanism of screen printing and the application of mechanical transmission in printing machinery. The plate and embossing mechanism of the analytical version are flat. When working, the printing plate is in full contact with the embossing plate. The total pressure of the machine is compared at a time. Large, relatively long imprint time. This printing machine requires that the printing plate and the imprinted flat plate are flat, and the printing format is not large the circular flattened relief printing machine, also known as a flatbed printing machine, is equipped with a flat plate for the printing plate, and the stamping mechanism is a circular cylinder . When the machine is working, the printing plate reciprocates, and the printing speed is limited, so the output is not high. The


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