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03.03.2021 12:18

Stenter Basic Factors

Stenter is equipped with a pneumatic screen frame clamping device during work. They only clamp a few sides of the screen frame. It is equipped with a positioning pin registration system, which helps to speed up the alignment of the screen plate on the printing machine.

The size of the screen frame determines the area of ​​the screen that the printing machine can accept. If this kind of automatic printing machine does not support the size of the screen frame you are currently using, you must change it to a new screen frame, which is very wasteful. So pay attention to the machine model, and the screen frame must be able to switch freely between sizes.

The cycle speed of an oval printing machine may be a factor to pay attention to when buying a printing machine. The larger cycle speed refers to the output of the printing machine in one hour when operated by one or two workers. Some printing machines can print hundreds of clothes per hour, and some


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