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Now You Can Play Civilization 6 From Your Android Device

Currently, you can play Civilization 6 on your iOS and Switch devices. Finally, Android users can get access to this game on their devices.

People might not love to play this game on the Android platform, but the game’s availability on this platform might increase the reach of this game. Gamers might not enjoy playing this game on Android devices because it becomes too difficult for them to play a game on a four- or six-inch screen. In this game, you need to organize an entire army to attack and prevent the space race victory. For performing these things, at least you need a monitor and a mouse. It would be better if you play this game on Switch Pro Controller. But if you don’t have a Switch controller, then you can play Civilization 6 on your Android smartphone. 

Similar to iOS, the Android version of this game acts as a free trial. You will get 60 turns, so if


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