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13.10.2020 20:39

A Guide to Take a Screenshot on an Apple Watch

Nowadays, capturing the screenshots of everything, including chats, and funny memes have become a trend. Most of the time, we all take screenshots on our smartphones, tablets, and computers, and that seems quite easy for all of us. And some of the screenshots that we capture can be essential and useful. But, what if you want to capture a screenshot on your smartwatch? How will you do that? Apple has always ensured its users that it is possible to take screenshots on all of its devices, and Apple Watch is no exception in that case. Any Apple Watch user can easily take a screenshot on their smartwatch. It isn’t any difficult task. However, if you want to view those screenshots directly on your Apple Watch, then you will need to go through a different procedure. Many Apple Watch users don’t know the way to create screenshots on their smartwatch.

Are you also one of those Apple Watch users who want to take screenshots on their smartwatch? Do you


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08.09.2020 10:18

How to Fix Apple Watch is Incorrectly Recording Indoor Pace?

How to Fix Apple Watch is Incorrectly Recording Indoor Pace

Users use this wrist gadget to track their fitness and rate of speed while performing workouts. Nowadays, most fitness lovers are performing their exercises at home and many of them are facing issues in their wearable device “Apple Watch.” If your Apple Watch is incorrectly recording indoor pace, then here is what you need to do.

Checking Apple Watch Location and Motion Settings

  • At the start, launch the Settings page on your iOS device.
  • Then, scroll down the page and then press the privacy option.
  • Hit the Location Services option there.
  • Now, scroll to the bottom and then hit the option “System Services.”
  • ...>>>

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