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25.03.2020 07:00

Path of Exile: gift for quarantine Free mystery box

Path of Exile is the title of the game developed by the Grinding Gear Games team, and was recently updated with a new free-to-play Delirium extension. However, the news is not over yet: this morning, the housing developers have conveyed the message through the game's official blog, and given the current situation caused by COVID-19, they will release some mysterious boxes for use in the game for free. Of course, if you want to get more powerful items, POE Currency Buy on poecurrency.com will greatly help your gaming journey.

The program is designed to meet the needs of players from all over the world who have been forced to stay home due to government restrictions. As stated in the software store, to redeem a "mystery box", you will need to go directly to the game store: after access, the box will be added to your account.


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18.03.2020 07:34

Path of Exile: Delirium Launches and Players can play it now

Auckland, New Zealand-March 13, 2020-Grinding Gear Games celebrates Friday the 13th in the right way by releasing New Horror Content in Path of Exile: Delirium. As the latest expansion of the popular action RPG, Path of Exile: Delirium has been officially released. PlayStation and Xbox One users will get this extension next week, but at the same time, they can enjoy the action live on Twitch.

Path of Exile: Delirium ’s expansion adds deadly new enemies and magnifies existing enemies, creating great difficulty for the core battles of the Path of Exile. Delirium also introduced Cluster Jewels, which can further deepen character customization and unleash new power. You will encounter Deli's mirror in each area. Touching this mirror will turn your reality into a mist and your nightmares will appear before your eyes. In the delusion, existing monsters in the area gain new skills and spawn new Delirium monsters. The deeper you go into Delirium, the more lethal monsters you encounter become.


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16.03.2020 07:17

The Path of Exile Delirium Patch is officially available

This expansion adds deadly new enemies and expands existing ones, adding a heavy layer of difficulty to the core battles of the Path of Exile. Delirium also introduced Cluster Jewels, which can further deepen character customization and unleash new power.

"The Path of Exile" Delirium Patch Notes: Defeat Nightmares and Get Powerful New Items

His latest Path of Exile expansion, Delirium, has brought players into the darkest corners of their hearts. Introduced corrupted jewels and new skills, while setting up a new set of tasks in a very evil mirror. Extensions have been officially launched, providing a crushing opportunity for players seeking greater challenges. When you need it, it will be fun to Buy POE Currency and equip yourself. Players on the Path of Exile have always wanted new content, so Grinding Gear Games needs to make it available


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02.03.2020 05:14

it's important to poe currency keep healthy and fair

That being said, it's important to poe currency keep healthy and fair, and 16+ hour days are not healthy. After four or five days of breathing and living Path of Exile, my entire body was screaming for rest, and my hands had cramped up. At this point, I took a day off and gave myself a break from the mill.

You make better choices when you are well-rested. If you don't get enough sleep while you're competing in a Path of Exile race, then you will earn a sloppy error and die.

Throughout long grinding sessions, make sure you step away from the computer every few hours. Spend 30 minutes doing something that does not entail looking at a screen.


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29.06.2018 09:48

Path of Exile Content Update Schedule Outlined

Grinding Gear Games has issued the upcoming content diary for ARPG Path of Exile. So far, the overall game is nine weeks deep in to the Harbringer Challenge League, so understandably there'll be a lot of players wondering how much time is left to try and do the challenges, in addition to Buy POE Currency what’s coming between now as well as the launch on the next expansion.

The next expansion will indeed become a “full-sized Path of Exile content expansion”, bringing Content Update 3.1.0 and that is likely to launch on Friday, December 1st. The content update is going to be joined by new challenge league, even though it is worth noting that through this instance there won’t be considered a beta to the expansion. This is because it truly is around the same size as previous expansions for example Ascendancy and Atlas of Worlds, plus the team aspire to launch the Xbox One


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