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20.01.2020 06:20

One of the PoE Goods Greater

One of the PoE Goods Greater RPGs in recent memory is Path of Exile by Grinding Gear Games. It is still one of the games within this area, which will be a testament to the developers really understanding its fanbase and bringing articles which you would normally find in a AAA game that costs money. It is now 2019 and Grinding Gear Games has revealed their plans of a sequel. Before that, though, it looks like the Path of Exile is coming to mobile devices. That is according to the programmer's Friday statement at Exilecon. They confirmed it will be a full-fledged experience, simply there will not be any unethical tactics that cellular games usually have today.

Including a pay-to-win scheme. That's right. This RPG will be a title that you could grind to make cool rewards and gear. Already, that's a huge step in the right way for Path of Exile Mobile. It should


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15.01.2020 06:14

Grinding PoE Goods Games released

Grinding PoE Goods Games released a brand new 14 minute gameplay trailer for Path of Exile 2, covering some of the new content they have planned for the game, in addition to some of the graphical updates, weapon enhancements, and enemy encounters you may expect from the isometric, hack-and-slash, action-RPG. This was actually the perfect time for Grinding Gear to unleash a brand new promotional content for the upcoming game given how scathed men and women believe from Blizzard's subservience to the Chinese State, and also how affected Diablo IV and their other properties are going to be due to the allegiance to censorship.

Whatever the case, the video doesn't twaddle or waste time in any way. The developers get into the thick of it, explaining that Path of Exile two is built entirely on top of a pipeline that is rendered


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