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Ways to Fix Crashing of Apps on Android

Majority of apps that get installed from Google Play Store run well on every Android device. However, sometimes the apps can misbehave. They may continuously keep crashing on your Android device. Users think that this might be because of the bugs or the or the app might not be compatible with the device. But in reality, there are a vast number of reasons because of which an app may keep crashing on your Android device. So, to deal with those issues, you need to go through the troubleshooting tips that we have mentioned below:

Reasons due to which Apps Crash on Android

There are many reasons apps may keep crashing on your Android device. Still, the most common issue which the users face is incompatible android version for the app, installation of the outdated version of the app, need of a robust network connection, shortage of device storage while using the applications.


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Unable to Send or Receive a Text on Android? Here are Some Solutions

According to several Android users, they are unable to send or receive a message on their phones. There may be several reasons behind it, such as device issues, network problems, or app accesses etc. So follow the resolutions given in this article to address the issue.

Check the Blocked Numbers

Here is how you can check if the number is blocked:

  1. Firstly, invoke the default call app on your phone.
  2. After that, select the button of Menu situated on the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Then choose the option of Settings.
  4. You should move down to locate an option named ‘Blocking Settings.’
  5. Once you reach the sub-menu, choose the ‘Blocked Numbers’ option to launch the list then look at whether


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