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How to Forward the Message in WeChat

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You can send a voice message on any of the chatting platforms which also includes WeChat. Most of the platforms permit you to forward the received messages. Do you want to do this on your WeChat application? Then follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

Steps for sending the messages through WeChat

·      Open the WeChat application.

·      This application will be installed on your iPhone and Android phone.

·      After that, go to the Contacts column.

·      The contacts symbol is given in the end part of the display.

·      Find the menu list of the contacts.


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How to Decrease Data Usage on an Android Smartphone

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Are you using a lot of data on your Android phone? Certain apps consume a lot of data even when you are not using them. If you do not have unlimited data option, then you might be worried about the high data usage. So, here are some tips and tricks to decrease data usage on your Android Smartphone.

Using General Tricks

Here are the general tricks for decreasing data usage on an Android. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    First, you have to control your browsing limit with Wi-Fi.

•    When you are using your device data, then stay away from social media sites.

•    If you want to decrease your data storage, then you must use the mobile version


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How to Set Up Surface Headphones with Cortana in iOS and Android devices

Смотреть 'How to Set Up Surface Headphones with Cortana in iOS and Android devices'

Set up your Surface headphones with Cortana in your Device and change music with your voice while exercising or running without taking out your phone. You can also answer and make calls by asking your digital assistant, “Cortana.” For this, you just need to pair your Surface headphones with the Bluetooth of your phone and then set up in Cortana app. The process is easy and straightforward you can complete it in 10 minutes. Here is the guide to set up Surface Headphones with Cortana in iOS and Android devices.

Guide for pairing and setting up Surface headphones on iOS devices

To use your Surface headphones with your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps.

1.    On your Surface headphones and press the ‘Power’ button to turn it on. Your headphones


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How to Unblock a Facebook User on Android

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Using Facebook becomes frustrating because of a few users sometimes. Blocking them. Once you have been able to see your timeline If you want to unblock them. A lot of people find the process of unblocking hard on Facebook. Android phone is now below.

Unblocking anyone on Facebook

You can easily unblock it before you use your Android device. Facebook app on your Smartphone for unblocking. Go to the top right section. Find the Account Setting option. After seeing it, tap on the same.

The next step is blocking. Select the person that you are unblock from the list. Once you’ve clicked on the button, it will appear on your screen, tap on it. You will be able to successfully unblocked the chosen person.


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How to Share Data between Windows and Android device for free

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Sharing files from an Android Smartphone to a Windows computer, or vice versa. If you have a USB cable, you can connect it. Also, the data of viruses and viruses are transferred slowly. But now, sharing files between Android and Windows devices has become easier. Here you can download data easily.

Free applications to share files between Android device and PC:

•    AirDroid

•    PushBullet

•    Feem

•    Your Phone app

You can use any of these apps on your device.


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