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Google’s Latest Tool Will Recognize Skin Conditions

Google recently announced that it developed the latest AI tool to help people analyze skin conditions. Similar to other symptom-analyzing tools, it’ll answer questions over how precisely it can function. Experts say it should also be examined for how it affects human behavior. Does it make them more often to visit the doctor? Or Less often?

These sorts of symptom-identifying tools usually explain that they can’t diagnose health conditions. But they can provide people an idea about what might be wrong. Some tools comprise thousands of users and are valued at millions of dollars. Dozens were introduced over the previous year to help people to check if they might have COVID-19.

Despite growing rapidly, there’s less information available about how symptom-identifiers change people’s behavior to manage their health. Jac Dinnes says, “it’s not the kind of analysis firms generally


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Google Measure Is Dead: Everything You Need to Know

Google has killed its real-world measuring app, named Google Measure. The Measure app was introduced in 2016. It uses cameras and sensors available on smartphones and tablets to measure real-world objects.

The measure app is updated as the final version in the Google Play Store. The updates for this app have slowed down since 2018. There were only a few major updates, including vertical measurement and unit conversion. However, there were also User Interface updates for the app over a couple of years. But there were no improvements in the accuracy.

It has been a long time since Google killed any functional app or service without any reason. The Measure app has been there since Project Tango.

Google Measure

Google Measure app helps you with everyday measurements. It also provides you quick measurements


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Two Products Get an Update From Google, Find Out How Useful They Are for You

Google is constantly updating its Messenger app (Google Messages) with new features. Google Message will have many features in the coming days available in big and popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. The upcoming feature of the Google Message app is revealed in the code of the Google Play Store. The app will have two significant features: pinning a chat and star a message. Earlier in November last year, Google had released end-to-end encryption for the messaging app.

XDA developers have received the code for the app’s APK file, which has revealed the features are coming for the app. The report said that the update version number 8.1.050 of Google Message would have both these features, though Google has not given any official information about the two features so far.

Google is currently testing both these features. You will be able to pin three chats just like WhatsApp


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