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Everything You Need to Know About BlueStacks X- A Free and Fun Way of Playing Ga

Several reports are trending about BlueStacks X. Do you know about BlueStacks X? Well, in short words, it is the latest platform, which would enable you to play browser games and mobile games on all platforms. The best thing about BlueStacks X is the fact that it is free. 

Would you like Shadow Fight on a larger device? Well, BlueStacks X indeed allows users to get hands-on experience with smartphone games on different devices. 

If you have ever used Android Emulator to download and install Android applications on a Windows device, you must already be aware of BlueStacks. It was released ten years ago, and it instantly became a hit among the users who wanted to use their mobile applications on larger devices. BlueStacks enabled users to install and launch x86 Android and Arm-based applications on Windows-based tablets and Personal Computers. 


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Laptops vs. Chromebooks: What Should You Choose?

Computers have improved very much over the past couple of decades. A super high-end PC from two decades ago is worthless. It is a waste of space. They were once heavy blocks of plastic and metal that required a suitcase to carry around. Now they are thin and sleek notebooks that you can take with you anywhere.

The cheapest and most lightweight laptops of today are technically something else. These are known as Chromebooks. You must have stumbled across this term while surfing for a new laptop without knowing what it means. There is a lot of difference between a Chromebook and a regular laptop.

What do you mean by Chromebook?

The Chromebook term is used to describe not just laptops but also tablets and two-in-one devices running on Google’s Chrome OS. Chromebooks first appeared on the market as a successor to notebooks in 2010. The history of Netbooks tablets and Chromebooks is an interesting


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Google Play Pass: Everything You Need to Know

Google Play Pass is subscription-based access to applications and games from Google Play Store. You will get access to apps and games without ads. However, this access does not include all the games and apps in the Play store.

You will get a selected category of apps and games. On the other hand, the list includes a lot of good games and applications. These apps and games are still growing with new titles. This service is available for more than 90 regions in the world.

How To Purchase Google Play Pass?

You can easily purchase the Google Play Pass with few steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Click on your Google Account Profile.
  • Select the play pass option from the list.
  • ...>>>

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How to Fix the Couldn’t Modify Partition Map error on MacOS

Several users are complaining that they keep ending up getting the 'Couldn't modify partition map' error on their system while triggering a re-format over partition by corruption. To repair this annoying issue, here are some potential fixes mentioned below.

Create a New Partition Map through Disk Utility

To create a new partition map via disk utility, follow these on-screen step by step instructions given below:

  1. Go to the primary dashboard of the macOS and launch the Finder application, then access your Utility folder.
  2. After going inside the Utility folder, twice click on the 'Disk Utility' option and wait for it to launch.
  3. ...>>>

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Camera not Showing on Device Manager: Here are the Fixes

Windows 10 OS can configure most cameras automatically, and it does not mean they will proceed to operate with problems indefinitely. Sometimes, peripherals can prevent working for several reasons. For instance, it could be due to the driver, current system updates, privacy settings blocking access to the camera, or hardware-related problems. Numerous users are reported about this issue if you also have trouble with the same issue, follow this blog.

Launch the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

To launch the hardware and devices troubleshooter, follow these on-screen instructions given below:

  1. Press the Win and Q hotkeys combination over the keyboard.
  2. Thereafter, insert ‘troubleshoot’ in it and hit the Enter key.
  3. ...>>>

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How to Fix the Lenovobatterygaugepackage.Dll is Missing or Not Found Error?

If you see Lenovobatterygaugepackage.Dll is Missing or Not Found error message on your computer, you will have to troubleshoot it. We have some really effective solutions to fix this error, and you can follow these solutions in this article. A couple of .dll file repairing tools are available in the market to scan your computer for the missing files. You can use either those tools or manually check the missing files on your computer using this article. 

We have noted that these types of errors can be resolved using built-in Windows tools, such as system files scanner and other command prompt-based scans. Windows 10 also has built-in troubleshooters that can automatically configure ongoing problems.

We advise you to stay with us in this article until we show you how to resolve this problem.

Let's dive in.


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Here’s How One Can Change the Shortcut That Opens Game Bar on Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system comes with a great feature that improves the gaming experience of its users. We usually play games on our computer systems. And for that, Windows 10 provides its users with a gaming feature called Xbox Game Bar. The following feature enables Windows 10 users to record the gameplay footage and take screenshots of the ongoing game. The Xbox Game bar feature generates the game’s videos in MP4 format and screenshots in the PNG format. The users can share the screenshots and recorded videos on YouTube or any other social networking platform. If you also love to play a lot of games on your Windows 10 computer system, then you should definitely use this amazing gaming feature. And doing so is much easier. You can access the Xbox Game Bar feature on your Windows computer by using a keyboard shortcut, that is “Windows + G.”

There are various other ways also for accessing the Xbox Game Bar feature on any Windows computer. You


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Here’s How One Can Add Emergency Contacts to Apple Watch

Apple is a well-known brand that produces a lot of great devices. The devices that this company designs include a lot of great functionalities that aim to meet the requirements and interests of the users. iPhones and Apple Watches are the most demanded products of this great brand. With an Apple Watch, one can perform multiple tasks like listening to music, making and receiving audio calls, managing emails and text messages, and can do much more than that. And along with that, it also includes a feature that can get you the needed help in an emergency situation. Both iPhone and Apple Watch consist of functionality called “SOS,” which calls the emergency services in emergency situations.  Do you also own an iPhone or an Apple Watch? Want to know how you can activate this useful functionality?

The following feature also helps you to add emergency contacts to your Apple Watch. Do you want to see


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How to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 5004, and 9068

Amazon Prime is a subscription-based video streaming service that allows users to see their selected content. It has a wide user base and provides content in different beats. But, sometimes, users face some error issues while streaming the content on tv. In this blog, we will be giving you tips on how to fix Amazon Prime error code 5004 and 9068. 

Steps to fix Amazon Prime error code 9068

Many Amazon Prime users face error messages when they try to access Prime video channels on the system. You can face these errors due to registration glitches and server issues. Below we have you with steps to fix Amazon Prime error code 9068.

Check if your Amazon Prime is down 

First, you need to check if Amazon Prime is down or not before looking for potential solutions. You can also use downdetector.com or istheservicedown.com to check the Amazon Prime issue. If you know that the Amazon Prime server is down, wait for some time.


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5 Best Instagram Analytics Tools in 2021

In order to know about the performance of your Instagram posts, you can use an analytics tool. An analytics tool gives a detailed overview of how well your posts on Instagram did recently. The better you know the reasons for the poor performance of your Instagram account, the better results you can get by improving your mistakes. To help you know about the performance of your Instagram account, we have prepared a list of some of the best Instagram analytics tools. Take a look at these below.


Owlmetrics is a great analytics tool for Instagram users. It gives you a detailed overview of your audiences’ reactions to your posts. The great analytics tool helps you better understand what your audience likes. By availing of its excellent features, one can maximize the chances of success on Instagram. Owlmetrics lets you know audience gender, the location of followers, and click-through rate on


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7 Best Fitbit Alternatives You Can Go for in 2021

Since the company’s inception in 2007, Fitbit has been synonymous with fitness trackers. Instead of keeping you inside and addicted to a screen, the company’s gear helped advance the trend of tech that encourages people to make healthier choices. It took several years for other companies to catch up, but there are several Fitbit alternatives worth considering.

Some go on Fitbit head-on, doubling down on health and fitness tracking, while others provide a completely different set of “smart” features to keep you encouraged as you work toward your next goal.

Tracking your health has never been more important. These Fitbit alternatives can provide you with data that will help you break bad habits and create new ones. These fitness monitors, however, will not do the job for you it is still your obligation to devise a strategy for achieving a better lifestyle.


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Best Fixes for Notification Sound Not Working on Samsung Devices

There are several different types of notification settings in Samsung. But if you change anything here and thereby make a mistake or in trying something new, it can cause a notification error on your Samsung Galaxy Phones. And this is the problem faced by many Samsung Galaxy user’s notification sound doesn’t work. The other sounds work perfectly, but the issue with notification sound persists. Also, the problem is not limited to some apps like WhatsApp and Normal text messages. It happens with all the apps. Moreover, the problem isn’t also limited to any specific model. It keeps happening to all series such as S, A, Note, etc.

So, here we are with this blog and different methods to fix the Samsung notification sound not working issue. Let’s get going then.

You can Restart your Phone:


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