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17.06.2020 09:28

Part of the latest expansion of the Path of Exile

Vitality is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in the Harvest League. It will be used as a handicraft resource for players to make various valuable items. Every monster you kill can provide you with production options, which will make POE Currency a material and potential.

When it comes to potential, it will appear in any stage of the game, allowing players to get better resources and reward tasks with less energy, and get more opportunities to collect XP and accumulate valuable currency to obtain More advanced resources. device.

It has not yet been determined how much life force is dropped from the monster, how much life force is needed to make, and how long it takes to plant different types of monsters, but we can’t know how much


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16.06.2020 05:54

Diablo 4 must be more like the path of exile

No one will say today: "The auction house in Diablo III is a cool idea." But if you study the problem more deeply, then buy and sell POE Currency (not for real money, but to get it from the game Gold) is a solution that should appear in some form in Diablo IV.

Today, New Zealand production has become the absolute leader of the "Action RPG" genre and has maintained a leading position for many years. Not accidentally: Developers soon focused on developing a production-as-a-service development model, which was clearly prepared for Diablo 4. Very good, because the popular "game as a service" can and sounds bad, but it can be implemented wisely-just like POE.

Facts have proved that the ability to exchange items activates and maintains the interests of the community. We found an item that could be sold, and the money we made was invested in something more useful.


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15.06.2020 11:29

Path of Exile's new expansion Harvest is about to be announced

You may have heard the previous week that on June 2nd, Grinding Gear Games will announce the next expansion of Path of Exile. Indeed, they followed this principle and introduced us to the expansion of Path of Exile: Harvest. What do you know about the upcoming games? Let us discuss this innovative extension to the PoE world.

First, you can watch Harvest's trailer on Path of Exile's official website: Harvest gives you the opportunity to do something unexpected in the dark fantasy world of Path of Exile: Farm. But in this case, you will reap and reap the fighting opportunities. When you encounter a randomly generated seed cache, everything will start. You can then talk to the new NPC named Oshabi and head to the Sacred Forest. After irrigating the Holy Grove and planting seeds, they will grow into monsters.


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15.06.2020 09:53

Some updates on the latest path of exile

The war has erupted in full. Frightening crying can now be used as POE Currency, but not through items. It can double your next attack. Ancestor’s cry is a brand new skill that will make your next strikes target nearby enemies. Earthquake Shout is another new feature that can make your slamming effect have a greater range of effects.

The summoning sound now grants nearby allies a buff, giving them a certain percentage of weapon damage as additional damage, and enhancing the next few attacks. Tears of Hell is the call of a new bottomless abyss, now enemies nearby are covered with ashes, causing them to explode upon death. Finally, the general’s cry is another new skill that can be associated with melee attacks. When used, it will generate ghosts. These ghosts will use this skill once before dissipating, similar to the way the Savior


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12.06.2020 10:24

The latest expansion of the Path of Exile: Harvest Alliance is here!

The latest Path of Exile: Harvest Alliance has finally announced that it will look interesting. More than a week before the release, we have begun to see some very interesting skills and mechanisms. We will introduce some larger content here, and keep our eyes widened in the next week!

As the playful name implies, Harvest League is to get seeds from the map, plant seeds and grow your own monsters. In the trailer, you will click on a group of pods on the map that may have been opened due to the killing of surrounding monsters. After you have a few seeds, you can take them to a new NPC and head to the "Holy Grove". When you are ready, you can choose to germinate seeds, which will produce monsters that are killed. These monsters can be exchanged for POE Currency and will also power nearby machines so you can make recipes in them.


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12.06.2020 06:03

Have you deliberately avoided the path of exile?

What happened on the path of exile? ARPG is constantly filled with new content-the following content appears in "Path of Exile" in the form of "Harvest Alliance". In this league, players collect the seeds found in the adventure. Then plant them in the woods and provide life energy, so monsters that need to be defeated will eventually grow POE Currency from them.

The league started on PC on June 19 and a week later on PS4 and Xbox One. Such expansion has always been a major event for many players. The sprawling expansion in March set a new record.

What is amazing? It seems that Blizzard specifically chose the path of "Exile" here. The start date of the POE Harvest Alliance is June 2. It was not until June 9 that Blizzard officially announced the


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11.06.2020 10:01

The path of exile jumps to Vulcan API

Since its release in 2013, “Path of Exile” is no longer considered a recent game, but because of continuous improvements, it continues to receive new content, so I still consider it is still popular among today’s players. With the new 3.10.2 update, Grinding Gear Games has also taken a technical step. Besides the existing POE Currency mapper, it also supports the Vulkan API.

According to the developers, the video game engine on which the exile path is based has been continuously developed in recent years to take advantage of multi-core processors, but when using dynamic shaded systems, shades may be loaded relatively frequently during the game, Which reduces performance. Although DirectX 11 puts its work on threads running in the background, it also requires core server threads to run graphics drivers so that the GPU can use the uploaded shade.


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09.06.2020 09:40

Grinding Gear Games announces release date for Path Of Exile: Harvest

Developer Grinding Gear Games has announced Harvest, the latest expansion of its free action role-playing RPG Exile Path.

The PC version will be released on June 19, while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be released on June 26, the week after the PC version is released. This expansion will introduce a new POE Currency, these elements are based on the cultivation of wild gardens.

A seed bank can be found on the entire land. By discovering these plants, they can be planted, cared for and harvested. Digging them will bring powerful beasts to the players. Once these beasts are defeated, they may exhaust their vitality for powerful hand-made or used to grow exotic crops.


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06.06.2020 09:41


The new set of exiles will get a fresh set of ascendancy classes to settle on from – 19 options that are distinct from those from the PoE campaign. We’re also getting a reworked skill system, which can allow you to socket support gems directly into skill gems – which should make building your character easier, while maintaining all the previous depth.

Naturally, there’s many new equipment, and therefore the devs say on the official site that “the entire progression of armour and weapons has been redone from start to end .” (Of course, all of your microtransaction purchases will

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05.06.2020 11:20

Path of Exile: Harvest is Stardew Valley and Diablo

Path of Exile: The harvest is all about monsters. Literally. As the name implies, the latest alliance and expansion of the ongoing ARPG are all about building your own farm, unless you don't harvest delicious crops when the seeds germinate. On the contrary, when your plants are ready for harvest, they will produce a batch of monsters for you to kill. If you succeed, you can use the condenser to maintain their life in addition to the POE Currency, and use it to create powerful Items.

Developer Grinding Gear Games realizes that not all players want to play farm games, so every effort has been made to ensure that building and maintaining monster farms is a simple task. GGG is also eager to distinguish this league from the previous Delirium, which is heavily battled, so although there are still a lot of disability, you need to be creative to get the best return.


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02.06.2020 05:47

Best Path of Exile Melee Builds to try

With the advent of the Alliance of the Final Exile Alliance expansion, the golden age of POE melee construction has its mark. Most melee skills will get large to moderate gains, which makes them very absurdly suitable for anything you actually want to do in Blight. The transition to melee is very good, because novices or experts will build many solid melee versions of Blight, and novices or experts can do it. In this article, we will show the top path of exile melee buildings that currently stand out among all other buildings, because these buildings are often the best and strongest in terms of typical survivability, damage, and defense capabilities.

What is the best microtransaction? It may be the money you do not need to pay, or it may be the money you get from the loot box. However, the actual answer is POE Currency, if you use the path of exile, that is.


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16.05.2020 07:30

Path of Exile attacked by DDoS still sets new highs for players

Path of Exile is a game that keeps reaching new heights every time it is released. As we all know, POE Currency plays a vital role in the entire game. Path Of Exile Currency rotates around various spheres and reels to play specific functions in the production and enhancement of character equipment.

Many players are looking forward to the sequel of the game, the game also recently launched the Delirium expansion version, and Path of Exile created a new high for concurrent players. But it's worth noting that even in the face of DDoS attacks, it also happened. Grinding Gear Games responded by saying, "We released" Path of Exile: Path of Exaggeration ", and we are happy that our number of concurrent players has reached a new peak." "Despite some server problems due to prolonged DDOS attacks It has


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