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The Gauntlet is a recently added RuneScape gold

The Gauntlet is a recently added RuneScape gold solo minigame that combines PvM and skilling in randomly generated dungeons. Some folks may compare this to Dungeoneering at RS3, but in a much lesser scale. The concept is to collect your resources to create and upgrade equipment in Singing Bowls while gathering materials for meals and potions.While it's likely your account is high if you finished Song of the Elves, having max stats in battle abilities, fishing, cooking, herblore, and farming will permit you to speedrun this dungeon. Speedrunning is ideal if you intend on using this minigame as a way of moneymaking. Rewards include common resources together with crystal armor seeds and the Blade of Saeldor.

Not all equipment needs to be attuned to handle the supervisor, assuming you have decent stats. The most


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