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16.06.2021 16:35

Google is Going to Save Your Money From its New Feature While Fighting With Clim

Technology companies are having concern about climate change.

They are moving towards zero carbon footprint. The new effort is being made by Google, which is planning to bring a feature that can help in driving non-stop and with less pollution, which is ultimately going to help reduce carbon emission. This will happen with the help of Machine Learning Technology. Let’s find out the whole story.

Most people are locked in their homes due to lockdown, but those traveling daily for the required service by their car are being affected by rising petrol prices. Google has a feature that can save you money amid these rising prices.

Recently, Google announced at its I/O Developer Conference that it would bring a feature to Google Maps shortly that will neither cause much pollution nor save people’s money along with petrol. Google


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02.06.2021 13:29, г. Afton, США Смотреть на карте

A New Technology Could Let a Paralyzed Man Express His Thoughts on the Screen

A new report has come out of many sources, which suggest that brain implants could now aid a man in expressing his thoughts without using his hands. With the help of these implants, he could now write his thoughts down on a screen.

The technology has stemmed from the work done by researchers in which they have embedded Artificial Intelligence with neural implants, which could let a man reeling with paralysis write down his thoughts with the help of a system called “mind writing.” The new biotech could let a man or a woman note down his thoughts and feelings on the screen in a textual form. Well, it might seem like a science fiction idea straight out of Hollywood, but it is indeed true.

For centuries now, human beings have been fascinated with the idea of telepathy, be it through demons, gods, or even Santa Claus. With the advent of computers and AI, science writers have even dreamt


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23.03.2021 19:17

Microsoft demonstrated its new Holoportation at the Microsoft Ignite Keynote-2

The growth of technology and everlasting scientific research has opened the scope for limitless technological endeavors, such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud-based computing algorithms, and whatnot. The technological growth that the 21st century is witnessing must be applauded as it helps us unfold the noble possibilities & secrets of science. For instance, consider the telecommunication sector, which now enables us to engage with our loved ones, colleagues, and acquaintances through video conferencing. Is this all that this sector has to offer? Wait before you anticipate!

Imagine yourself being hundreds of miles away from your family and a new technology enables you to provide full presence to your family members while interacting with them. What if you could virtually walk with them, talk with them, and demonstrate yourself, as well. Teleportation remains a unsolved mystery for now, but virtual teleportation is the new reality.


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19.03.2021 19:06

4 Ways Marketers Can Start Using AI for Better Results

Artificial intelligence is no more the future of marketing it is pretty much at the moment. Consider all the ways AI technology has already started contributing to our everyday lives. Starting from those show recommendations on Netflix and song recommendations on Spotify to those smart replies in Gmail and the intelligent voice assistant in our smartphones. Artificial intelligence is progressively becoming a central part of numerous industries and has various use cases, particularly in marketing. All businesses, big or small, have begun using AI to some extent to upgrade their website, products, and customer experience over time. If reports are to be believed, the top-performing organizations are more than 2x likely than their peers to use AI for marketing purposes. One thing can be said for sure that artificial intelligence is much more than just another marketing jargon. If truth be told, it is a bandwagon that, as a marketer, you should undoubtedly get on.


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26.02.2021 19:20

Government Issues New Guidelines for Regulating Social Media and OTT Platforms

On Thursday, the Central Government issued new guidelines for the regulation of social media and OTT platforms to restrain the exploitation of content.

The Union ministers Ravi Shankar Prasad and Prakash Javadekar briefed the media, welcoming social media companies to operate and do business in India and applauding them for gathering such immense popularity and a good number of users. Moreover, they praised these platforms for empowering the average users with the power of technology.

However, the ministers said that the double standards of social media won’t be acceptable anymore and that regulating the actions of social networking companies in India has become crucial. These companies need to obey the Constitution and laws of India. To do so, the Centre has demanded the establishment of a quick grievance redressal mechanism.


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22.02.2021 20:17

6 Visual Hierarchy Principles Every Designer Should Know

We are all living in a fast-changing world. As the technology to show a page continues to evolve, it is the responsibility of designers to organize the content clearly on a page.

But the question is – what is the best way to do that? The short answer is visual hierarchy.

Visual hierarchy can be defined as the arrangement of design elements in order of their importance. A graphic element’s visual weight determines its significance in the visual hierarchy, conveying to the user’s eyes what to focus on and in what order. It helps direct the readers’ eyes to the crucial content writing first and then to the secondary ones.

With the attention spans getting shorter and shorter, you must immediately guide the viewers’ eyes to the crucial information.

From brochures to websites to apps, these six visual hierarchy principles will help you design everything


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11.02.2021 18:57

Twitter Will Explore Allowing Its Users to Receive Digital Payments From Their F

Jack Dorsey, the Chief Executive of Twitter, said on Wednesday that the social networking site is looking into a new feature that lets its users receive digital payments or tips from their followers.

Dorsey said that this new feature would help the company increase its overall revenue and engagement from its base of 192 million daily active users.

At the virtual Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Dorsey said that he thinks the first thing the company wants to focus on is the economic incentive to individuals contributing to the social media platform Twitter.

Launching user tipping and other new features such as content subscriptions would help the company expand its revenue, which as of now, Twitter primarily earns from selling ad space on its platform.


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27.01.2021 16:50

5 Biggest Web Development Trends That Are Revolutionizing 2021

As the need for digital services, support, and purchases continue to rise, the demand for website development services continues to increase too. Web development professionals are working in an ever-evolving atmosphere that is subject to change. Similar to any other sector, people working in this industry also need to stay current with all the significant trends and technologies around them. Doing so will help you future-proof your skill sets, gain new and better career opportunities, and potentially become more knowledgeable. Currently, there are various web development trends transforming this new year. In order to help you maximize the available options, you must know the latest emerging trends that will storm 2021. So, let’s dig in and discuss the most prominent website development trends revolutionizing this year.


First things first, voice-based search technologies have completely transformed


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21.12.2020 16:59, Австралия Смотреть на карте

3 Key Points to Consider for Your PPC Leads

Are your paid search campaigns generating leads but not sales?

Are the lack of conversions got you questioning your investment's worth?

If yes, then you're at the right place!

In this blog, we will explore three important considerations if your lead generation campaigns aren’t performing the way they should.

Let’s dive into a little depth of these crucial points that you should bear in mind while thinking about your leads and the potential reasons they aren’t converting to sales.


Not every lead is equal. Sounds quite obvious, right?

Well, some B2B companies still hold on to a very naive mentality that in order to be valid, all leads generated should be prepared to get placed in the sales pipeline instantly.


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