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09.08.2018 10:34

Mill is successfully used in the chemical industry

The Ultrafine Mill for the chemical industry has high requirements for the performance of the mill. Generally, the mill is free of impurities, and there is no pollution to the ground material. In addition, the properties of the finished product after grinding are also strict, so this We need our team grinding machine and a detailed understanding of chemical products. In the industry, our grinding machine is still relatively rare in the chemical industry, generally used in ore fine powder processing, such as calcite, barite , limestone, etc., with the continuous development of our company's ultrafine mill technology in recent years, the continuous testing of new materials, and the gradual involvement in the chemical products industry, it has been confirmed that our company's mill can be applied to chemical super Fine crushing the field.

For the chemical micro-powder processed by our company's ultrafine mill, there are generally the following


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21.06.2018 10:31

Quality of equipment produced by raymond mill

The large ultrafine mill is not produced by every manufacturer. Due to its relatively large production capacity, the materials of various accessories are also more stringent. The maintenance of the later stage is also very important. We are professional Raymond Mill manufacturers. Various types of mills are produced, and they have accumulated a certain amount of experience for decades. The raw materials of the equipment are also made of high-quality alloys, and the technological level is also leading the various manufacturers.

General Raymond Mill can meet the needs of users, no matter from the production capacity or fineness requirements, the small one-hour production capacity is hundreds of kilograms, and the larger Raymond Mill has an output of more than 10 tons per hour. Users may demand more output, but the average user's production capacity is also several tons. Basically, every Raymond Mill manufacturer can configure.


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