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11.02.2020 05:07

As a full-back that is not perfect FIFA Coins

As a full-back that is not perfect FIFA Coins, but place your habit tactics up and get him in the box for free kicks and corners and this chap could possibly be a superb advantage at the ends of the pitch. He is also worth £912k with precisely the same overall as Pellegrini, but he is one less potential at 82 in order on paper, he is quite slightly worse. Everything is dependent upon which the weak points of the team are.

If you want one of these three, be sure to pick them up until they sign new contracts because they are three of the most promising youngsters.Gian-Luca Itter is one of the most well-rounded full backs we've found. All of his important stats are between 60 and 70 right now 70 Dribbling, 69 Pace, 68 Crossing, 68 Standing Tackle, 67 Stamina, 67 Marking... if you need someone that does not have many weaknesses


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