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08.10.2016 06:14

Not everyone has the need to a dangerous

I do not disagree with people not happy about what it looks like a change of direction compared to what it was promised, and I do not disagree either with your list of subpar elements and feel of trying to do too many things and not getting anything at a really good level and taking some of the dangerous feeling away, but they are likely had to make some difficult choices as the project has grown. I love hardcore elements in game, I would enjoy to have this game full loot everywhere even in towns or virtually endless grind to cap, even if I have nearly no time to play, yet we need to be aware that the market that bring companies forward is not us. I even suggested to create specific permadeath ultra high end zones last year with extremely rare findings to give a touch of craziness, which was obviously too much for this game to take, risk 100s hours for a life death situation to get valuable worth millions if not billions silver.


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